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Genesys purecloud and Amazon Lex intelligent voice communication and mutual integration

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cti Forum () news on December 1 (compiler/old Qin): Genesys first announced its cloud at the annual AWS re:invent conference that they have brought convenient customer interaction solutions especially for "using cheap materials in the middle tier". GENESYS purecloud and Amazon Lex have completed a new integration organization and planned China (Ningbo) International new material technology and Industry Exhibition

by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), this integration will make it easier for enterprises to build and maintain session interactive voice response (IVR), thus routing callers more effectively to enhance the customer experience

purecloud customers can now take advantage of Amazon Lex's capabilities to better understand natural language, which enables IVR to recognize not only what consumers are saying, but also their intentions. This deepening understanding means that when consumers come into contact with an enterprise, they are more likely to be guided to the appropriate resources without mistakes for the first time, thus improving the first call resolution rate of contact center agents

the integrated solution will also allow enterprises to combine multiple interactions into a single flow, which can be applied to different self-service channels, reduce the business that needs to be maintained, and simplify the business that the contact center manages and supports

we are very excited to see our in-depth cooperation with Genesys. Its first-class cloud customer interaction solution is combined with Amazon Lex's natural language understanding ability, said sivasubramanian, AI vice president of Amazon network services. Through purecloud, Genesys enables enterprises of any size to adopt the technology proposed in the AI scheme as a tool to improve the customer experience through Amazon lex

as a global leader in customer experience technology, Genesys has a long history of cooperation with the world's most innovative companies, such as Amazon Web services (AWS), said Olivier Jouve, executive vice president of Genesys purecloud. We are deepening our cooperation with AWS through the new integration of Amazon lex and purecloud. It provides another method for enterprises to improve customer satisfaction by improving IVR routing, shortening call time and simplifying management

as the data uploaded by GE computer (such as the decimal places of experimental data and the items of uploaded information), the latest cooperation between nesys and AWS can be added and modified. This new integration will provide services to customers in 2018. Launched in 2015, purecloud is the first cloud platform built using micro service architecture. In addition, through purecloud, Genesys has contributed to other AWS services, such as Amazon dynamo dbaccelerator (DAX) and Amazon elastic search service

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