The hottest general synthetic resin Market in Asia

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Recent Asian general synthetic resin Market

the recent Asian general synthetic resin market is as follows:

pe prices are on the verge of falling. The overall market sentiment is weak, and the quotation competition of some manufacturers is fierce. Middle Eastern sellers are cautious about the quotation in June, and the tentative quotation for HDPE and LLDPE is $600-610/ton (CFR Asia). This conservative price strategy is to stabilize the market price. However, due to the sluggish demand, the seller thinks that the Middle East goods will be less than US $600/ton (CFR Asia) and close to US $580/ton (CFR). South Korea will increase fatigue and cause damage to objects, and Southeast Asian sellers will encounter difficulties in maintaining market share due to high raw material costs and low-cost products. Since the current ethylene price is 480-500 USD/ton (CFR), PE producers in Southeast Asia have difficulty in controlling the PE film grade below 600 USD/ton (CFR)

pp market price continues to be under pressure. The influx of cheap imports from the US market has frustrated market fundamentals. Although the United States is not the traditional export source of Asia, it is expected that about 5000 tons of goods will enter the Asian market due to the sluggish domestic demand and low propylene cost in the United States. The seller maintains a stable price at the level in may ◆ 1. the composition of bio based high molecular materials is conservative

ps market transaction was light, and the price continued to decline. Operators believe that the price has reached the bottom and will rebound in June/July. Due to the increase in inquiry, the producers are trying to stabilize their prices. Consumers only buy at the necessary level and do not behave actively. Middlemen also maintain a low inventory level

abs market transaction is light, and the price has not changed. There are few transactions in the Northeast Asian market, China's domestic demand is still sluggish, and the purchase interest is very low. The price in Southeast Asia hovers between 850-870 USD/ton (CFR), and the transaction is not active. The demand has not increased, and the competition from high impact PS has increased the pressure on ABS. Producers are still producing at a low rate, and middlemen have low inventories

pvc market price further declined. The weak demand since May has led to a gradual increase in inventory, and the sellers are unable to maintain price stability. The demand is still very weak. Only some purchase inquiries are between 490-505 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong), and the quotations of goods from South Korea, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East are less than 500 US dollars/ton (CFR). A Japanese manufacturer has considered shutting down one of its PVC production lines for a week in June

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