Comparison of true and false Nippon lacquer

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Some unscrupulous businesses confuse the fake with the real in order to pursue huge profits, fake famous brands, steal beams and exchange them for pillars, shoddy goods, and so on. The direct consequence is that after decoration, the paint film is unstable, the finish tears, the surface is not smooth enough, the texture is not good, and the color is not correct

real Nippon Paint

has anti-counterfeiting strips. The production date and batch number of positive and negative marks are the same, and the negative mark is left in Nippon company as a stub

the font is standard and the pattern is clear

the smell is non-toxic, fresh and fragrant, and does not irritate eyes, nose, ears, throat, etc

can opening effect: the paint surface is dissatisfied, and it is in a uniform state after mixing. After lifting the mixing rod, the paint flows down slowly in a linear shape

fake Nippon Paint

anti counterfeiting bar code is one, and the negative mark cannot be removed

the font and pattern are fuzzy

it has obvious white Ru gum taste or irritating gas taste

the paint surface is full, and there are fast objects after mixing

lift the mixing rod and the paint will fall off one by one




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