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Yimeide aluminum alloy doors and windows inherit the essence of German technology and keep improving. The engineering projects are all over the country, sending a comfortable living environment to countless families

in a beautiful village in Western Hunan, a large four story villa rises. The villa has a magnificent appearance and national characteristics. The windows of the villa have been installed, and all the windows and indoor aluminum alloy doors are produced and installed by imede

although many aluminum alloy door and window brands competed with yimeide in the early stage of the project, the owner always chose yimeide doors and windows. The owner mentioned that yimeide itself has nearly 10 years of industry experience, good quality, considerate service, professional installation, and many engineering cases

since the establishment of the project, yimeide has sent special personnel to follow up. The aluminum alloy doors and windows and sliding doors project provides worry free services throughout the whole process from design, workshop processing, transportation, door-to-door installation, etc

according to the owner's requirements for safety and sealing, the company provides a scheme that all bridges are broken and casement windows are adopted, and the external color is sand gray, maintaining the style consistent with the overall villa

large area double-sided glass fixed windows not only increase daylighting, but also maintain the performance of sound insulation and heat insulation. The products are made of high-quality aluminum materials and accessories, and are checked layer by layer before leaving the factory to ensure precise size

send a professional construction team during on-site assembly, and use large-scale equipment to hoist a large area of sliding door glass. The process is meticulous to ensure tight assembly and no leakage

yimeide aluminum alloy doors and windows inherit the essence of German technology and strive for perfection. Engineering projects are all over the country, bringing a comfortable living environment to countless families

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Imade doors and windows are your ideal choice

Foshan yimeide doors and windows Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, specializing in providing private customization services for high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its products include high-end Foshan heavy sliding doors, Foshan aluminum doors, Foshan swing doors, aluminum wood doors and windows, aluminum clad wood, European villa sunshine room, folding doors, Foshan broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge heat insulation silent casement windows, broken bridge window screen integrated windows, Pt doors, etc. Iraqi virtue has signed grassland singer Ulan Tuya as the brand spokesperson. Iraqi virtue has participated in the Shanghai and Guangzhou Construction Expo for many years in a row, and has invested heavily in strong advertising on major high-speed rail sites across the country. At present, yimeide door and window engineering cases are all over the country, with yimeide brand stores in more than 30 provinces and nearly 100 cities across the country. Company address: Shuibian Industrial Park, Taiping Town, Dali, Nanhai, Foshan, Tel: 0757-81821258; website




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