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On December 8, when general technology group took over *st Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd.

], displacement measurement error: ± 1% in the evening of September 9, *st Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. announced that due to the implementation of restructuring plans and other plans, the company's shareholders' equity had changed, General Technology Group would replace Shenyang Machinery Group as the controlling shareholder of the company, and the SASAC of the State Council would replace Shenyang SASAC as the new actual controller of the company

in January this year, the Shenyang municipal government and General Technology Group signed the agreement on strategic restructuring of Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. frame and guide the work frame; In July this year, *st Shenji was applied for reorganization by creditors. In the reorganization plan, general technology group was introduced into *st Shenji as a strategic investor

data show that before the equity change, Shenyang Machinery Group held 190million shares of *st Shenyang Machinery, accounting for 24.91% of the total share capital, and Shengjing assets held 5.23% of *st Shenyang Machinery; After the completion of this equity change, the number of shares of *st Shenji held by Shenji group decreased to 0, and Shenji group no longer holds the shares of *st Shenji. In addition, the shareholding ratio of Shengjing assets is expected to drop to less than 5%

at the same time, general technology group, which originally did not hold the shares of *st Shenji, is expected to hold 505million shares of *st Shenji after the equity change, accounting for 29.99% of the total share capital of the converted shares, becoming the controlling shareholder of *st Shenji. SASAC of the State Council replaced SASAC of Shenyang as the new actual controller of the company

it is noted that, according to the equity adjustment plan of the investors in the restructuring plan, the term "stress concentration" will occur when the tensile testing machine of Jinan new era testing instruments Co., Ltd. takes the existing total share capital of *st Shenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. as 765million shares, and the total share capital will be expanded to 1.684 billion shares according to the ratio of 12 shares per 10 shares

among the above converted shares, about 505million shares were transferred by strategic investors, accounting for 29.99% of the total share capital of *st Shenyang Machinery after conversion; The remaining 414million shares will be used to pay off financial ordinary claims in accordance with the provisions of the restructuring plan

in addition to the reorganization of *st Shenji, the reorganization of Shenji group also has an impact on the shareholders' equity of *st Shenji. Specifically, the pledged 115million yuan held by Shenyang Machinery Group is humanized into the first discretionary share *st Shenyang Machinery shares to pay off the debt to the relevant secured creditors; The remaining 76million shares held by Shenyang Machinery Group that have not been pledged *st Shenyang Machinery shares will be used to pay off the debts to ordinary financial creditors

(original title: General Technology Group takes over *st Shenji)

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