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GM's first new energy vehicle on the 11th, GM CEO Henderson (left) held a press conference in Warren, Michigan to introduce the latest situation of "new GM" and launched a new Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle (e-rev). It is reported that consumers only consume one gallon of gasoline every 230 miles (370 kilometers) they drive this new car in cities

the former global automotive giant General Motors of the United States was born after a series of "slimming down" measures, such as divesting non-performing assets and streamlining institutions, employees and brands. Now the new general motors, which has just reached the "full moon", has brought hope to the resurgence of the American Automotive Industry and is also facing severe challenges

people in the industry believe that under the effect of capacity reduction, the new GM must implement the strategy of "profit above everything" in order to finally get rid of the debt problem. GM needs to make more efforts to increase car sales and increase the profit of each car to obtain sufficient cash flow

analysts predict that the new GM will save $3000 in structural cost per new car, and $5000 in cost per car if car sales increase

with the support and guidance of the U.S. government, the new GM has focused its development goal on the development of new energy and energy-saving vehicles. However, for the U.S. automotive industry, which has not yet got out of the dilemma, the immediate difficulty is the strong challenge from Japan and universal experimental machine to effectively extend the service life of furnace body according to different working environments integrating advanced aerospace technologies in the research and development of new energy and energy-saving vehicles

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