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GM will increase investment in green technology research and development by US $10billion in the next five years. In order to cope with climate change and reduce energy consumption, the world has sounded the call for energy conservation and consumption reduction. China has also made a commitment to achieve carbon emission reduction of 40%-45% by 2020. However, energy conservation and emission reduction have a long way to go. How to coordinate the development of resources and environment? How to balance enterprise cost and environmental benefit? How do state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign enterprises cope with energy conservation and emission reduction? A series of problems have attracted the attention of the industry. Therefore, China energy channel launched a special report on energy conservation and emission reduction, Chinese enterprises in action - the next step in transformation and upgrading, aiming to publicize the emission reduction policies of the Chinese government and promote the advanced practices of transformation and upgrading of enterprises

Huangkeqiang, chief commercial officer of Ge China

: please briefly introduce what measures and strategies GE has taken to develop energy conservation and emission reduction

huangkeqiang: talking about low carbon, emission reduction and green development, Ge is not only a listed company, but also a member of the whole society. While constantly pursuing business development, Ge is also looking for the necessity of environment-friendly development. Therefore, Ge launched the green imagination strategy in 2005

over the past few years, green vision has continued to grow with a momentum exceeding expectations. At the same time, it has also doubled its investment in clean technology research and development, reduced temperature, and made a lot of commitments in terms of research room gas emissions, water conservation and water recycling in iron-based, iron-nickel based alloys and titanium alloys in recent years

: please introduce how Ge integrates the concept of emission reduction into its products? How much capital and technology does Ge invest in green product R & D? What are the benefits (specific amount)? (specific income) what is the proportion of green products at present

Huang Keqiang: in 2005, the green creative strategy was launched. In 2008, GE's revenue from green creative products and services reached $17billion, an increase of 21% over the previous year. In 2009, among GE's global annual sales of $157billion, the revenue from energy-saving and environmental protection products and solutions reached $18billion, accounting for more than 11%. At present, the number of GE products and solutions that have obtained the green vision certification has also increased from 17 in 2005 to 94 in April2010, five times that of 2005. This year, more of our products have also joined the list of green vision certified products

in June, 2010, Ge released the green vision report, which showed that in 2009, Ge invested $1.5 billion in green vision research and development, and completed the goal of doubling the investment one year ahead of schedule. And promised to increase the R & D investment in green technology by 10billion US dollars by 2015, that is, in the next five years

in addition, as of June2009, GE has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 22% and improved energy efficiency by 34%, exceeding the goal of improving energy efficiency by 30% by 2012. In 2010, Ge set a new goal to reduce water use by 25% globally by 2015 (compared with 2006)

: while increasing clean technology and capital investment, the industry is worried that this will increase the cost of enterprises and affect their economic benefits. What do you think of this view? Does this exist in GE's operations? How does Ge balance environmental costs with economic benefits

huangkeqiang: at the beginning of promotion, GE's green creative products were also questioned by the market. However, at present, the environmental protection and benefits of green creative products exceed the average level of the same industry. They not only have low energy consumption and emissions, but also can save costs

take a chicken factory in Beijing as an example. In 2008, GE Energy Group provided a yanbach gas internal combustion engine certified by green imagination for a chicken farm in Beijing. The biomass gas produced by chicken manure was used to replace the traditional coal-fired thermal power generation, realizing an annual power generation of 14.6 million kwh. The heat energy provided by the system was used for the insulation of the fermentation system and the heating of chicken farms and vegetable greenhouses in winter, which greatly alleviated the shortage of power supply in the suburbs. This project can help reduce about 95000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year and meet the requirements of the United Nations on the clean energy development mechanism (CDM)

: Recently, it is reported that GE has bet 500million dollars on the electric car cake. Would you please talk about this plan and its current implementation? How much revenue will electric vehicles bring to ge in the next few years

huangkeqiang: in November this year, GE announced that it would upgrade less than half of its 30000 rental cars worldwide to the second largest medical device market in the world, and increase the total purchase of e electric vehicles in the two years since the implementation of G made in China 2025 to 25000 by 2015. Ge plans to first purchase 12000 Chevrolet Volt volt volt vehicles from general motors in 2011, and then supplement them with the enrichment of the manufacturer's electric vehicle product line

at the same time, Ge is also actively laying out charging infrastructure and electric vehicle batteries. According to an internal estimate of Ge, every 500000 electric vehicles put into use will bring $500million in revenue to ge from various business channels

: in recent years, the electric vehicle market has been very prosperous, but some people in the industry have questioned that the electric vehicle presents a false prosperity, and the imperfect charging piles and other supporting facilities make the electric vehicle market less promising. What do you think of this? What is GE's original intention to enter the electric vehicle market

huangkeqiang: Although the electric vehicle market seems to be booming, the bottleneck of battery technology, the lack of charging infrastructure and the lack of general industrial standards have always made the prospect of the commercialization and popularization of electric vehicles only heard the sound of stairs, but no one came down

for GE, this investment has two purposes: first, the large-scale use of electric vehicles within the company will accelerate or even exceed the company's commitment to greenhouse gas emission reduction in the Ge green vision plan

in addition, the top 500 multinational companies like GE take the lead in purchasing and using electric vehicles in batches, which helps to promote the commercial application of electric vehicles. In turn, the situation of large-scale commercial application is conducive to the development of GE's electric vehicle related businesses, such as wattstation charging pile and intelligent electric business

this time, GE announced the purchase of electric vehicles. Although it does not involve the Chinese market for the time being, with the development of the Chinese electric vehicle market, domestic automobile manufacturers may also become the purchase objects of Ge electric vehicles

: Recently, there was a heated discussion in the industry that some foreign enterprises implement the so-called double standards of emission reduction in China? What is the emission reduction standard of Ge? Is there a double standard in China? What is your opinion on this issue

huangkeqiang: GE has always attached importance to environment, health and safety. For this reason, GE has set very specific requirements for the protection of the environment and the health and safety of its employees, (1) the size and quantity of 'phases' of GH2132 alloy after heat treatment affect the strength of the alloy. No matter where the products are operated or sold, it is ensured to fully comply with the requirements of Chinese laws and GE's internal policies; Conduct due diligence on environmental status and environmental health and safety impact assessment on any new investment, cooperation, product and service projects in China; Minimize the use and discharge of toxic and hazardous substances, publicly disclose China's environmental reports, continuously improve GE's EHS management system and promote China's current awareness and management capability in terms of environment, health and safety

: from December 1, the super national treatment for foreign capital will come to an end, and foreign enterprises need to levy two taxes. What do you think of this provision? Will it affect GE's development in China

huangkeqiang: the rise of tax rate or material cost is only one of the two decision-making factors we should consider when looking at business development and investment. Accordingly, we can offset this impact by improving our own productivity and innovation ability. Ge regards China as a long-term partner and will not change our strategy due to changes in tax rates or temporary inflation. For GE, China will continue to be one of our most important markets

: would you please talk about GE's next development plan? And the development goals in emission reduction and new energy

huangkeqiang: Ge believes that to promote clean, economic and safe green products and solutions to customers, Ge should first set an example to reduce its own energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. By adopting products and services with energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics, Ge will change its own operation mode and significantly reduce its own costs and emissions in energy and water resources. Compared with 2004, GE's greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 22%, the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions has been reduced by 39%, and the energy efficiency has been improved by 34%. By June2009, Ge had saved more than $100million in energy costs and reduced its global water consumption by 30% compared with 2006

ge hopes that in the future, the sales contributed by green vision will account for a higher proportion of GE's annual sales, and the number and types of products of green vision will be further improved. Further expand the social and economic benefits of green

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