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Genesys integrates multiple channels to create a perfect customer experience

recently, the components of the gene electronic universal experimental machine constitute an important part of the electronic universal experimental machine, including the ball screw sys. In Beijing, the g-summit customer experience conference with the theme of customer experience was held, and the innovative customer experience platform and Application were displayed. On the margins of the conference, Mr. Bruce eidsvik, managing director of Genesys Asia Pacific and Mr. songshenhuan, managing director of Genesys China, were interviewed by the media and shared their experiences and views on creating a better customer experience

current situation of customer satisfaction

according to the report released by Forrester Research, in this year, only 39% of the companies reached the excellent or good level in the customer experience index score. Therefore, it seems that there is a great gap between customers' expectations and the services they receive. At the same time, a recent survey on consumers released by Deloitte, the world's largest private professional service organization, shows that, More than 75% of Chinese customers expressed dissatisfaction with the customer experience when interacting with enterprises through various channels

according to the survey of authoritative institutions, 81% of the respondents are willing to pay more for an excellent customer experience, and nearly half (44%) are willing to pay more than 5% of the additional fees. Songshenhuan said that as customers become more and more aware of the products they use, they will be required to obtain value-added personalized customer service in real time through media types such as e-mail, chat tools and social media based on voice, 2015 rubber and plastic and innovative materials. If the experience is bad, this dissatisfaction will be vented through social media, which will have a negative impact on the brand and lead to customer loss

genesys integrates multi-channel

with the rapid development of cloud technology and applications, as well as mobile Internet and social media, the development of the contact center industry is facing huge change challenges and development opportunities. The more convenient users feel at key contact points, the higher customer experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty will be. The best way to increase user convenience is to meet and support customers in the places where customers most often appear. Mobile devices are undoubtedly the most favored channel for customers today

genesys, together with frost Sullivan, a world-famous consulting organization, ICMI International School of customer management, and what are the characteristics of paying attention to details when using the information cement pressure testing machine, industry department IOT experts and many partners in the industry, jointly discussed how to shape the corporate culture of customer experience first in the era of mobile Internet and all media, And how enterprise users use Genesys' multi-channel customer experience and contact center solutions and products to integrate with industry applications to create an excellent customer experience journey through technology and application innovation

at this conference, Genesys also demonstrated the solution products jointly created with its partners. The products include: Genesys and Polycom joined forces to launch the VTM teller machine solution with the best video and routing combination in the industry; Based on the Genesys customer experience platform, it is integrated and easy to use, and can support the convenient communication of medium-sized contact centers with up to 1000 seats; The only way for the development of the contact center can help enterprises increase sales through mobile channels, and strongly enhance the ability of enterprises to provide excellent customer experience; Genesys provides a wide range of connections for social media interactions and enables more personalized responses

better user experience

delivering excellent customer experience is of strategic significance to the business development of enterprises. Mr. Bruce eidsvik said: with the arrival of the mobile revolution, the transformation of new digital customer experience will be a necessary means for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. Genesys' new solutions and products will help enterprise users popularize digital channels and realize seamless transformation among multiple channels

song shenhuan pointed out that from the traditional rapid implementation to the all media update, from the basic point of view, the enterprise platform must be IP. If it is still a switch, it will not be possible. In the case of a switch, it can also be multi-channel, but to be cross channel, it must be an IP platform. In addition, in the overall network architecture, if the architecture is accessible at the database level, the more open it is, the more interactive content it can be, But sometimes there are business limitations

bruce eidsvik also said that enterprise users can consider cloud solutions. If enterprise users consider high security and it is not convenient to put them on the cloud, Genesys has many different ways, which can be cloud based, hybrid based, or its own database. Therefore, it emphasizes the concept of migration and migrates from a single traditional channel to a multi-channel. In the future, the trend is cloud based

Mr. Song shenhuan said: customer experience is closely related to customer satisfaction and loyalty, which has greatly affected the business development and brand image of the basic industry of materials, knowledge and technology for the further development of instruments and meters. Genesys focuses on the investment and growth of the Chinese market. We are helping Chinese enterprises reshape the customer experience through our unique cross channel, cross media and cross device concepts, as well as our expertise in contact centers and cloud services

summary: the customer experience of enterprises is becoming more and more important. A bad experience will seriously affect the brand image. As the saying goes, good things don't go out, bad things spread far away. Similarly, in this all media era, Genesys will integrate multiple channels to reshape the user experience for enterprises

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