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The general machinery industry is expected to recover significantly in the second half of the year.

according to the Organizing Committee of "2009 Guangzhou General machinery and parts exhibition", the first exhibition of general machinery and parts industry will be held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center from October 20 to 22. The exhibition is divided into special exhibition areas such as pump valve pipeline, dynamic transmission and control technology, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, transmission and assembly line technology and equipment, The exhibition area is expected to be 16000 square meters, with more than 500 enterprises participating

xizhiwei, chairman of Guangdong Machinery Industry Association, introduced that the market demand for general machinery in Guangdong is very large, but the production capacity is relatively weak. The exhibition will provide support for the introduction of Guangdong heavy chemical bamboo fiber 04, the pioneer of electrical performance industry and the leader of bamboo fiber industrialization in China. It is reported that the exhibitors of this exhibition mainly come from the domestic markets in North China, East China and South China. The Organizing Committee hopes to attract more overseas brands to participate in the exhibition next year on the basis of this year

it is learned that as a barometer of the manufacturing industry, the general machinery industry is expected to recover significantly in the second half of the year. At present, 4. With the permission of the test piece, these tubular supports have different diameters and thicknesses. In the petrochemical industry, more than 20 sets of 800000-1000000 t/a ethylene units, more than 10 sets of 600000-1000000 T/a PTA units, more than 20 sets of 10million t oil refineries, and The construction of tens of thousands of kilometers of oil and gas pipelines and other projects, as well as large-scale transformation projects in the field of power industry and metallurgical industry, will bring considerable benefits to the general machinery industry

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