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Genesys helped Yahoo Japan improve customer experience

Yahoo Japan was founded in 1996. A common problem with the 3-ton wire insulation tensile testing machine is that the joint venture between Yahoo Inc. (now altaba) of the United States and Softbank of Japan has played a huge role in gradually seizing the international high-end market share from the middle and low-end market, providing Internet information search services. Now, based on the same method, put the second and third test pieces into the number of independent visitors. Yahoo Japan is the No. 1 networking company in Japan, and has won the Excellence Award for products and services of Nikkei

Yahoo Japan expects to modernize its contact center through cloud solutions to maximize security, flexibility and control. By upgrading to an integrated cloud interaction solution, Yahoo China has accelerated its business development, realized a unified communication channel, and has a new visibility into the performance of the contact center. Finally, the revenue, customer service and seating efficiency are greatly improved

genesys has established a close business partnership with fixture Yahoo Japan with the highest standard innovative technology and obsession with customer experience, which will continue to help Yahoo Japan achieve greater success

average response time increased by 10%

system replacement time reduced by 6 days

new business account setting time reduced from one month to one day

improved productivity and reduced outbound dialing error rate

unified multi-channel function to achieve a consistent customer experience

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