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Genesys and frost Sullivan customer experience Seminar in digital transformation was successfully held

genesys and frost Sullivan customer experience Seminar in digital transformation and media exchange conference were successfully held in Beijing a few days ago. Customers, industry experts, consultants and media experts from all walks of life gathered together to discuss customer interaction and customer service in the era of digital transformation

at the meeting, Mr. Gou Ming, Consulting Director of frost Sullivan in Greater China, gave a wonderful keynote speech on "contact and serve customers in the digital age". Mr. Gou shared the driving factors and trends of enterprise digital transformation, the future development trends of medical, automotive, banking, retail and other industries, the impact of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, IOT and artificial intelligence on the customer service industry and specific application practices

frost Sullivan Greater China Consulting Director Mr. Guo Ming

genesys Asia Pacific Digital customer experience negative January sales of new energy vehicles decreased sharply Mr. Jean Marc Provost brought you a wonderful theme speech of "creating a pleasant customer journey and completely eliminating service barriers". Mr. Jean Marc introduced how Genesys helped enterprises succeed in 2 Jaw quality is low and digital transformation is made to create excellent customer experience. The Genesys hybrid AI, which combines AI with human contact, creates a perfect customer journey through data analysis and prediction

mr. Jean Marc provost, head of digital customer experience in Genesys Asia Pacific region

the conference also invited Owen, head of contact center in Lenovo Asia Pacific region, to share Lenovo's digital transformation experience and how to span nearly 100 call center sites around the world based on Genesys architecture. 14. The best practice of taking down destructive samples to create excellent customer experience provided valuable insight for participants

At the end of the conference, Mr. Gou Ming and Mr. Jean Marc Provost also had in-depth exchanges with media experts attending the conference on several industry hot topics such as artificial intelligence, IOT and cloud computing, as well as the specific applications of these emerging technologies in the field of customer service

wonderful views of the conference

it is estimated that by 2020, the added value of industries related to global digital transformation will reach nearly $20trillion, and about 46% of global enterprises will take digital business development as their top priority in the next year, while this proportion is even higher in China, almost 69%

by 2020, customer experience will become the most critical differentiation factor in brand competition, surpassing the price and product itself, or becoming a key product/key service shared by all enterprises

the key to contact and serve customers in the digital age is to build the ability to meet customers' needs through Omni channel resources based on customer-centric, Internet and intelligent technologies, and finally realize customers' self-service, moving towards a zero foundation, full-time digital age. In the process of this transformation, interconnection is the carrier and platform. Internet + cloud computing is the means and implementation method

genesys pays great attention to customer experience. In the future, its strategic focus in China will mainly focus on three directions: the first direction is class communication; The second direction is the combination of artificial intelligence applications and artificial services; The third is IOT

the future does not happen naturally. We need to create it. Digital transformation is really not complicated. We can do it bit by bit in rapid iteration. The future is in our hands. Technology is very important. It is a very important driving factor. But what is more important is that all of you here can cooperate and cooperate well to expand the digital transformation step by step to adapt to the development of green buildings and building industrialization

according to our experience, the development strategy of Genesys is very similar to Lenovo's global layout. Including our understanding of customer service, digitalization and future industry transformation, Genesys and Lenovo have very, very similar understanding, which is why in the process of cooperation, Genesys platform can respond very quickly and meet Lenovo's different needs

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