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Genesys appeared at dreamforce annual conference and launched cloud computing customer service solutions

genesys released new native solutions based on salesforce platform to provide customers with advanced customer service functions

dreamforce is the world's largest cloud computing and enterprise technology conference. The conference invited guests to use social networking, mobile and cloud computing technologies to experience a new way of interaction with customers, partners and enterprise employees

ctiforum on October 9 (Yang Yi): Genesys, a leading provider of standard experience solutions related to customer security infrastructure construction, recently announced that it would launch a native customer service solution of Genesys connect service cloud based on the salesforce platform. Salesforce is the world's leading cloud computing platform for social and mobile business applications. Its business cloud solutions are powerful and have won awards. Combined with Genesys' industry-leading voice and multi-channel customer service technology, they help enterprises and institutions of all sizes develop rapidly. After the deployment of this new solution, business cloud users will be able to use the most advanced functions in the industry through Genesys technology to improve work efficiency and personalization. No matter where enterprise employees are and what communication methods customers use, they will be able to connect them and improve customer service quality

main advantages of the product:

genesys connect business cloud solution can seamlessly build a business environment, and ensure that users can quickly and easily deploy, manage and use the solution by using the business cloud native user interface and management environment. This diversified solution provides a unified user interface for agents and employees through customer media such as voice, social media, page and mobile

genesys connect business cloud solution is a model in the best practice of commercial customer service, which includes the predefined template of customer interaction routing that can be manually configured

adhere to the use of Genesys technology, so that enterprises can better provide customers with appropriate enterprise resources every time, and significantly improve the work efficiency of agents. These resources include customer service agents, industry experts, knowledge workers, branch or field office personnel, etc

Michael McBrien, general manager of the newly established Genesys cloud connect business unit, said: This is a new start for Genesys. Over the past 20 years, Genesys has worked with the world's largest and most advanced enterprises to innovate customer service and significantly save costs. After deploying the Genesys connect business cloud, we will be able to fully understand the customer service field and create a set of powerful solutions that can be easily deployed and used by combining salesforce and cloud computing delivery model

Tony Kavanagh, vice president of business cloud marketing department, said: at present, it is very important to provide customers with high-quality services, which will help enterprises stand out from the fierce market competition and gain differentiated advantages. With more than 0 years' experience in customer service reported by 2 steel union news, Genesys integrates unique functions such as voice and customer experience into the business cloud to help enterprises better connect customers

daniel Hong, chief analyst of ovum in the field of customer experience and interaction, said: as customer experience plays an increasingly important role in market differentiated competition, Genesys has joined forces with two major customer service industry giants to help enterprises make full use of the best solutions and highly unified models, simplify management processes, shorten deployment time, and build a unique set of customer experience solutions in the cloud

dreamforce 2012 annual conference is the largest cloud computing and enterprise technology conference in the industry. More than 70000 people and 350 cloud computing technology enterprises were invited to the event to experience the innovative technologies of social networking. More than 750 meetings were held during the conference. Participants can also participate in interactive meetings, advanced technical practice training, watch thousands of live demonstration videos, and experience unparalleled network technology. In addition, dreamforce also invited Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, general Colin Powell, former US Secretary of state, Tony Robbins, famous entrepreneur, writer and top performance strategist, red pepper band and other guests to attend. Dreamforce 2012 annual conference is dedicated to meeting the needs of attendees in great detail and helping them communicate with customers, partners and employees in a new way without leaving home

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about salesforce platform and appexchange

salesforce platform is the world's most trusted comprehensive cloud computing technology platform, committed to developing various social and mobile cloud applications. It supports salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM), including more than 2.3 million applications developed by customers and more than 1600 applications developed by partners in its ecosystem. There is also a capital reason for s to develop social applications for business on the aleforce platform, which can be easily released and carried out relevant marketing activities through its appexchange

salesforce, dreamforce and appexchange are all trademarks of the company

about genesys:

genesys is the world's leading software and service provider of customer service and contact center. It takes improving customer service worldwide as its own responsibility and focuses 100% on customer experience. Genesys has more than 2000 customers in 80 countries around the world. It is committed to helping enterprises make full use of employees' ability, wisdom and customer channels to promote the development of current new customer conversation business. After the deployment of Genesys software, the contact center and back office can handle more than 100 million interactions every day, which will help enterprises provide fast and simple services and bring highly personalized cross channel customer experience. Genesys software can also help enterprises optimize business processes and improve the business efficiency of customer service professionals. For more information about Genesys, visit

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