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On March 22, the 19th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (ccbn2011) was held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from March 23 to 25. The theme forum of the conference was opened on the morning of the 23rd. Tencent technology, as the official designated portal cooperation Station, broadcast and reported the whole conference

the picture shows lixiangkun, general manager of Gansu cable

lixiangkun: Dear host, good afternoon, comrades

at the invitation of the organizing committee, today, on behalf of Gansu Province, I will have some exchanges and discussions with you on the research and application of home intelligent platform. CCBN is now 19 years old. I have often participated in it for 18 years, but I always sit down and listen to the experts' opinions on the development of radio and television. It is a great pleasure to be able to take the podium today, which also shows that we are paying more and more attention to the less developed regions. It also shows that we have done something in Gansu over the years. Therefore, I am very grateful to the Organizing Committee and everyone for giving me this opportunity

next, I would like to discuss with you the research and application of wired home intelligent platform. Today, I want to discuss with you in seven aspects. The first basic judgment I want to talk about is our point of view. Second, I want to talk about the definition of home intelligent platform. 6. The next step is the function development, technical route, network application environment and technical specifications of the home intelligent platform. Promoting informatization, developing cultural industry and carrying out "three integration" are the national strategic deployment. I think our radio and television have resource advantages, and we radio and television people are duty bound

society is composed of numerous organizations that take the family as the basic unit and manage the society to serve the society. If we want to form social informatization, we should implement the informatization of social organizations and families. In the social organization informatization block, it should be said that informatization drives industrialization and industrialization promotes informatization, which has made great progress. Its industrial chain, overall planning and investment system should also be specifically improved. The level is relatively high, and this market pattern has basically taken shape. However, the planning for family informatization is not clear. Without the support of a complete industrial chain, the level is relatively low, but I think it is exactly the case. The informatization construction of families has the greatest prospect

at the same time, we also feel that we should have the ability to build family informatization. In the construction of family informatization, especially under the background of "three integration", the entry of radio and television is bound to be the battlefield of our competition. What kind of bright prospect is family informatization? There are various comments. I have an intelligent term here called intelligent digital home. What exactly does intelligent digital home mean? I want to know from the following aspects

first, judge from the needs of users. From the needs of users, it should meet the above functions. One is to watch radio and television programs. At the same time, services such as HD should be met. Second, it should support wired and wireless of different terminals, as well as bandwidth sharing. From the perspective of its application mode, it should meet the requirements of fixed applications, mobile applications, inter migration and three screens in one. According to the technical conditions of the family, there are platform technology, transmission link technology, family off technology, automatic device discovery technology and remote control technology

therefore, we have come to the conclusion that the intelligent digital home is based on microelectronic technology, network technology and control technology, which enables the price of various plastic terminals in the home to increase by 30%, and realizes the application of home information through man-machine and machine-machine dialogue

at present, in the context of the two-way entry of three convergence telecommunications, radio, film and television, the two camps of telecommunications, radio, film and television have the power to provide users with full services, which will inevitably form a fierce competition pattern, and the key to the competition lies in the game of intelligent terminals. It can be said that in the future, the user who chooses the terminal with a total exhibition area of 35000 square meters will choose the service of the owner and occupy the market of integrated services. We also have a deep understanding of this point. Since the end of last year, we have invited public bidding for the research on intelligent digital home. We should jump out of the concept of end-to-end, large and comprehensive, focus on the research of intelligent platform, carry out integration business under the key equipment of intelligent platform, fix our market and expand our business

therefore, I think our positioning and goal is to complete the development from transmission network to transmission switching network as soon as possible. Fully demonstrate our advantages in integration and make the application of cable TV platform such as publishing scattered. We should integrate social resources and Internet resources, and provide the content integrated by our platform to cable TV and Internet

after doing so, we can specify the risk and time cost of investment, and we can deploy our integration business as soon as possible under the existing conditions. Based on the above point of view, taking Gansu Province as the leading place, we contacted enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Cisco and so on, and conducted research on intelligent digital home in Gansu Province. Let me give you a detailed report on this

Gansu Province also carries out the design of IT network interactive architecture platform. Now I will introduce the definition of home platform to you. The home platform is a node that meets the requirements of intelligent digital home to obtain and release a variety of information under the background of "three convergence", and provides an interface for man-machine dialogue and machine-machine dialogue. It is not only a terminal, but also a platform. It is also a device to carry out pre integration services. The content includes three aspects. One is to support communication, radio and television, and Internet protocols. The second is from its constituent elements, mainly including universal codec module, browser module, Java platform module, flash module, intelligent control and variable frequency power supply module. Its main functions support family rental and interactive functions. Its operating system and middleware are open to support third-party development and application

the third question. As for the second question, I will talk about it in detail when I have time. I understand this definition from three aspects. This is not a terminal but a node for us to understand the home intelligent platform. This can better reflect the functions of the home platform. The five centers mentioned above are home media center, digital center, home control center, IOT center and peripheral expansion center. The first is the home media center, which supports digital TV, the second supports IPTV, and the third supports interactive TV. I won't talk about this. Gansu development now supports 3D, and the other is the USB playback function, which allows you to download things for playback through the USB interface. The second is the home data center, mainly on TV, which we can bind and cover, and can freely access at the same time. The second is DTV. To put it simply, the home intelligent platform has powerful search function and decoding function to adapt to various technologies. Therefore, all video functions on the Internet can be exhausted. There is also the function of e-mail. The third function is the network game and VoIP. In Gansu, we can enter the communication to make calls. This is the family network. You can set up a family network through WiFi. In addition, home video monitoring is very important, which adds a great highlight to radio and television operators

the third is the home appliance control center, which supports home networking standards such as flash link and DLNA. PC and can be used for remote control

the fourth is the home IOT Information Center, and the fifth is the peripheral expansion center

fourth, the technical route of the home intelligent platform. The technical route mainly includes three aspects. It is based on embedded CPU and introduces PC dynamic loading mechanism. The second is a synchronous binding mechanism to realize network migration and screen rotation. We now say that many technologies can be used for network migration and screen rotation, but the mechanism of synchronous binding is a very good method. We are doing it now. We implement it through the full service platform of Gansu Province. Third, we provide all interfaces for the leading design

next, we can take a look at the schematic diagram of the home intelligent platform. In a small box, 1 is to focus on the development of multi-functional and high-performance materials and additives, which is the home intelligent platform. We can take it as the center through our two-way, no matter what it is. As long as it is two-way, it can be connected to the full-service platform in the upper left corner through such applications. Through it, the mobile 3g network and 4G network can be grafted. Through it, the concepts of TV, control of home functional appliances, including notebook, and so on can be displayed. This is a principle

from this figure, we can see the home intelligent platform. The reason why we can see so many things is that it has its own platform processing system and adopts the separation technology between software to support the development of third-party business

fifth, let me tell you about the technical scheme of the home intelligent platform. One is the hardware scheme and the other is the software scheme. I won't talk so much about the hardware scheme. It's mainly about the hardware requirements. Many manufacturers have put forward relatively mature requirements. It mainly refers to the processing capacity and the capacity of the main frequency, such as the device engine and decoding. I won't go into detail

what I want to discuss with you is its software scheme. The reason why it is so powerful is the software scheme. The software scheme includes embedded CPU, open source operating system, all media middleware and dynamic loading mechanism. Based on liwinux kernel operating system. We have concentrated on all media middleware, and the "three convergence" has produced many converged new businesses. To present these new businesses, we must have a powerful middleware software to support them. The family function platform we jointly developed can do this

all media can realize the seamless integration of digital TV and Internet. As a new generation of all media digital TV middleware, it can not only be compatible with traditional digital TV services, but also fully integrate many advantages of digital TV and Internet TV, and truly turn the digital TV terminal into an all media multi service intelligent home information terminal

openness is very important, so I won't go into details. Talking about standardization, it is better for us to carry out. The all media middleware follows the dvb-mhp standard and the national Ngb middleware specification. In fact, we separate the hardware part from the software part. This has nothing to do with the hardware, and has nothing to do with the integrated hardware. Mainly through the middle part

Gansu cable, including interactive VOD, TV viewing, TV video, etc. This is network TV. Our radio and television networks embrace the Internet, and it is an all-round embrace. Just now we talked about a lot of concepts. This must be done. Although we can control it, we must do it. If we don't do it, we won't be competitive. As we mentioned just now, we need to generalize the integrated content. This is followed by several aspects of Gansu's development

you can see from all media that the bottom layer is hardware. Because we use flash, the bottom of all modules can be customized according to different operators. It has been shown in the application layer just now

sixth, let's talk about the home intelligent platform network application environment. What problems do these illustrate? It doesn't cost much

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