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Sichuan generator rental factory is fully equipped

Sichuan generator rental factory is fully equipped

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Sichuan generator rental factory is fully equipped. Sichuan Kade Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in generator leasing. Our company has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "honesty and service first", providing customers with the highest quality generator leasing and generator leasing services to meet the different needs of different customers, and providing customers with self-contained power generation business of different power units at any time. The power supply is sufficient to provide various construction sites, fire standby, enterprises to avoid peak The new experimental machine needs to be replaced with 68\; hydraulic oil after one year of use. It is the first choice for short-term self-contained power generation. The company has several large, medium and small generators. It can provide multi-directional services for units with power supply demand at any time. The power of generator can be provided from 50KW to 1800kW. The most remarkable features of our generator are safety and reliability, low noise, energy conservation and environmental protection. The engine oil filter should be cleaned once every 180 working hours. The Ministry of science and technology has also launched key R & D projects such as technology upgrading and industrialization of key basic materials, advanced electronic materials and industrialization technology, nano materials and devices, and material genetic engineering. If any damage is found, it should be replaced immediately. The fuel filter shall be cleaned of sundries every 100 to 200H of operation, and the oil tank and all oil pipelines shall be thoroughly cleaned. During seasonal oil change, all parts of the whole fuel supply system shall be cleaned

always check whether the electrolyte of the battery is at the normal level. When it is necessary to replenish the electrolyte, first clean the filler to prevent dirt from falling into the battery. When adding liquid, add an appropriate amount of distilled water or purified water. Do not fill it too full (based on the scale of the battery plate). Otherwise, when the battery is discharged/charged, the internal electrolyte will overflow from the filler, causing corrosion to the surrounding objects. Frequently check whether the voltage is correct, whether the connector is loose, and whether the charger operates normally

the use of generator sets in harsh environmental conditions is mainly due to the impact of environmental factors. Some measures and means must be adopted for operation in high altitude plateau areas and cold weather conditions. The following is a comprehensive introduction to the use methods in various special environments: environmental factors the use of generator set matching engines in high altitude plateau areas, In particular, when the naturally aspirated engine is used in the plateau area, because the air is thin, it cannot burn as much fuel as it does at sea level and lose some power. For the naturally aspirated engine, the power loss is about 3% for every 300m increase in altitude. Therefore, when the engine is working in the plateau, it should use a lower power to prevent smoke and excessive fuel consumption

summarized and shared the following solutions for oil leakage at common parts

1. Add cushion to treat leakage. There is oil leakage at the leak proof gasket of the oil pipe joint in the diesel unit. A layer of double-sided smooth thin plastic pad can be added on both sides of the leak proof gasket, and the leak can be prevented by tightening it firmly

2. Size recovery glue leakage treatment. In case of leakage at the shaft and sleeve, bearing and bearing seat, valve and valve acne, self tightening oil seal, packing, etc. of the diesel engine, the size recovery glue can be applied to the cleaned common parts, and after curing, a film layer with higher wear resistance and mechanical strength than some matching sleeves of the cement testing equipment listed below will be formed

3. Sticking and repairing glue to treat leakage. Small leakage of oil tank, water tank, oil pipe and water pipe due to sand hole and air hole. It can be applied to the clean crushing place with adhesive

4. Treatment of leakage by pumping. In case of leakage of paper mats at the oil tank bottom shell, cylinder head and gear room cover of diesel unit due to extremely low biological risk and crankcase rear cover, if the paper mats are intact and the joint surface is clean, a layer of grease can be applied on both sides of the paper mats. Tighten the bolts to prevent leakage; If the paper pad is replaced, soak the new paper pad in diesel oil for 10 minutes, take it out and wipe it clean, apply a layer of butter on the joint surface, and then install it

5. Anaerobic glue leakage treatment. In case of leakage at the vent bolt, stud bolt, etc. on the generator set, anaerobic adhesive can be applied to the cleaned bolt threads or screw holes. It can quickly cure to form a film and fill the gap of parts; This method can be used to treat the thread leakage of high pressure oil pipe joint of diesel engine

the normal patrol inspection of the running generator is a necessary condition to ensure the long-term safe operation of the generator. During the normal patrol inspection, the operating personnel shall check the generator in operation as follows:

(1) check the temperature and vibration of each part of the generator

(2) check the excitation system, especially the operating conditions of slip rings and commutators

(3) check the stator winding end for vibration wear, heating and discoloration

(4) check the cooler for water leakage and frosting

after investigation, the diesel generator manufacturers have concluded that the forecast analysis report on the prospects of the diesel generator industry is based on the analysis of the historical development status, supply and demand status, competition pattern, economic operation, downstream industry development, and downstream industry market demand of the diesel generator industry, to study and predict the future development trend, market capacity, competition trend, and segmented downstream market demand of the diesel generator industry

the main analysis points of the forecast analysis report on the prospects of diesel generator industry include:

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