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Genesys helps home credit provide intelligent housekeeper services to consumers

with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies and their application in the field of financial services, technology drives the transformation and upgrading of financial services to achieve high-quality development. According to the 2020 world financial technology report, 70% of consumers believe that the reason why they handle financial business through licensed consumer finance companies is that consumer finance companies are better at using financial technology to improve their service level than traditional banks and other financial institutions, and provide consumers with more convenient, practical, intelligent, efficient and considerate financial services

Home Credit Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as home credit), as a pioneer in the consumer finance industry, has always adhered to the customer-centric service concept under the 2023 strategy, continuously optimized the construction of large-scale omni-channel customer service centers by using the internationally renowned Genesys software platform, and achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase by effectively integrating omni-channel customer interaction data and seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence technology with the contact center platform, Ensure that consumers can enjoy convenient, intelligent, efficient and customized Butler financial services in the whole process of using home credit products and services

understand consumers' consumption habits and provide sophisticated intelligent Butler customer service

as a consumer finance expert with rich international practical experience, home credit uniformly adopts Genesys software platform, which is the leading software platform in the international self-service industry, in several major business operation regions including China, for daily customer service in the call center. Customers can choose the access method according to their own preferences, and conduct unified management through the Genesys platform, so as to help the staff solve customer problems better and faster

the unified management of Genesys platform not only helps home credit save a lot of energy in integrating Omni channel data, but also helps to improve customer loyalty. Through omni-channel data integration, home credit has laid a good foundation for its staff to provide accurate and personalized solutions to consumers. In this way, no matter when and where customers ask home credit, the staff can obtain the historical records of customer inquiries, current interactive information and other data at the first time, provide targeted and efficient Butler financial services for users, and make more consumers become repeat customers of home credit's high-quality products and services

optimize customer consultation coping strategies, and make customer service more intelligent and efficient

with the gradual expansion of business, home credit has also increased customized application expansion based on the original Genesys platform standard deployment, including the voice robot, chat robot and other artificial intelligence products launched by home credit. Home credit deeply optimizes the deployment strategy of customer consultation and response through man-machine integration. In daily customer service, it uses a large number of voice robots and chat robots to handle basic interactive work with high quality, making customer service more intelligent

when facing the needs of different consumers, home credit will uniformly manage and match the service resources including artificial seats, voice robots, chat robots, etc. through the Genesys platform. When the platform judges that the customer is asking basic repeated questions, the system can provide customized robot voice services according to the customer's age, occupation and other information. At the same time, if the platform judges that customers have more complex needs, it will automatically transfer these customers to manual seats with rich business practices, experiments and data practice experience in accordance with GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international standards, so as to help customers obtain more targeted suggestions and solutions as soon as possible

heziwen, head of home credit it call center, said that digitalization is becoming a new engine for home credit development, and customer needs and service experience will always be the business core of home credit. Intelligent customer service plays a great role in this, including polyethylene layer, epoxy powder coating and adhesive layer. We use a large number of voice robots to serve customers, ensuring the high-quality, efficient and sustainable operation of home credit's daily business, so as to better meet customers' changing needs

home credit continues to explore financial technology innovation, realizes Omni channel data integration and analysis through the Genesys platform, optimizes customer consultation response strategy deployment in a man-machine combination way, and is committed to providing intelligent, efficient and personalized Butler financial services to consumers. In the future, home credit will continue to adhere to the customer-centric service purpose and promote the sustainable high-quality and steady development of the consumer finance industry while significantly improving the customer experience and service management ability

about home credit

Home Credit Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as home credit), as a licensed consumer finance company, officially opened in China at the end of 2010. Its shareholder is home credit group, an international leading consumer financial service provider. As of june30,2020, home credit's business in China has covered 29 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government and more than 300 cities. Home credit has established close cooperation with Dixon, Suning and other well-known retailers in China. Meanwhile, home credit is accelerating the pace of digitalization. So far, more than 40million users have registered the home credit financial app, thus entering the service ecosystem of home credit. Based on its excellent data capture and analysis capabilities, and the use of big data and biometric technology, home credit infiltrates its advanced risk management capabilities into every aspect of the business process, and uses technology finance to efficiently serve every customer. For more information about home credit, please visit:

home credit group, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a joint-stock company operating a global platform. Globalization not only helps home credit group adapt to the market needs of different countries, but also provides it with core strategies, technologies, risk control, products and financing capabilities. As a consumer finance expert in emerging markets, Home Credit Group operates in four regions: Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic and Slovakia), CIS (Russia and Kazakhstan), China, South Asia and Southeast Asia (India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam). Home credit group was established in 1997. It mainly provides negative loans to people with missing or few credit records. It has obtained business licenses in each market where it operates and operates in full compliance. Home Credit Group actively promotes the development of Inclusive Finance, through multi-channel distribution network, so that financial services can cover people who lack such services, and bring them a safe and high-quality loan experience at the same time. As of December 31, 2019, home credit group has provided loan services to more than 135million customers through its huge sales network consisting of about 477000 loan service points (POS), loan offices, banks, post offices, auto dealers and ATM points around the world. For more information about how home credit will generate Shuikou group, please browse:

about Genesys

genesys has created more than 70billion excellent customer experiences for enterprises and institutions in more than 100 countries every year. Genesys uses cloud and artificial intelligence technology to help the marketing, sales and service departments of enterprises establish customer interaction through all channels and provide better employee experience. Genesys took the lead in launching experience as a service solution to help enterprises and institutions of all sizes comprehensively deliver truly personalized services, communicate with customers with empathy, and build customer trust and loyalty. Experience as a service solution is supported by Genesys cloud, a world leading integrated solution and public cloud contact center platform with outstanding rapid innovation, scalability and flexibility. Access to

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