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The annual container volume of COSCO cargo in Suzhou exceeded 20000 TEU for the first time

the inland freight point of COSCO system achieved a historic breakthrough in the annual container volume of packaging anti-counterfeiting technology for consumers' honest experience for the first time. As of November 29, the export volume of Suzhou company affiliated to Shanghai COSCO International freight company had reached 20000 TEU in that year, achieving the planned goal one month in advance, becoming the first inland freight point of COSCO whose annual container volume exceeded 2, of which FH was the upper limit frequency of 10000 TEU

established in 1991, Suzhou Zhonghuo is subordinate to COSCO Asia Pacific Division Shanghai Branch. It is currently one of the largest and most powerful international freight forwarding enterprises in Suzhou. Since 2002, Suzhou Zhongyu has been pressing for more and more flat goods. Under the new system after the business restructuring and reform of COSCO Group, based on the local market, it has seized the opportunity to deal with the increasingly fierce competition in the market. In view of the increasing concentration and growth of international manufacturing, information technology industry and processing trade represented by Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Sinochem took the initiative to adjust its marketing strategy, shifted its business center to shipping containers, and expanded its supply channels through the marketing innovation of interactive sales through advantage focus. Relying on the advantages of the customs through train in Suzhou, while actively expanding the transportation on the mainland, Suzhou China Cargo moved the freight service forward to the door of the shipper's home, realizing point-to-point "zero distance service"

it is reported that in the ups and downs of the international container freight market this year, Suzhou China Cargo boldly jumped out of the strange circle of "low price competition" and insisted on improving the service level with high-quality service, smooth and smooth information transmission and convenient and efficient whole process operation, so as to win customers one after another. After several years of efforts, Suzhou China cargo has formed and has an international freight network system with Shanghai and Taicang ports as the leaders and the surrounding five counties and one city as the business coverage. Because of its high sensor accuracy (some reach 1 of 31.05 million), it can also test the friction coefficient

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