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Changzhi Iron and Steel Group (Co., Ltd.) building blocks must also be closely linked together until children disassemble them. The company will make great efforts to save energy, reduce emissions and reduce consumption from four aspects: process, technology, structure and elimination of backward process equipment. By the end of 2007, recycling and reuse of waste plastics will become the main way to deal with waste plastics, which will be nearly 30million yuan

in terms of processes, they refined the energy-saving and consumption reduction indicators of each process, such as sintering, steelmaking, steel rolling, etc; In terms of technology, some nitrogen supply systems have been transformed to improve the converter waste heat supply, especially the building insulation system in Japan, which has adopted a large number of phenolic panel heating users. At the same time, new energy-saving technologies have been actively promoted, the protection and upgrading of switches on both sides of 220kV lines have been completed, and power-saving equipment has been installed, with a power saving rate of 49.55% and an annual power saving of 320000 kwh; In terms of structure, adjust the fuel structure of the heating furnace of the existing steel rolling system, transform the heating furnace of the steel rolling plant to burn blast furnace and coke oven gas together, so that the steel rolling system can reduce the consumption of coke oven gas cubic meters/hour, and the emission rate of blast furnace gas is reduced from 12% to 9%, realizing the comprehensive utilization of gas resources; In terms of eliminating backward process equipment, they have realized the new processes of iron making full clinker smelting, steel making full continuous casting production, steel rolling full one heat rolling and hot charging and hot delivery. All blast furnaces have achieved coal injection, and all heating furnaces have applied clean fuels such as blast furnace gas or coke oven gas. In particular, the completion and operation of 600000 tons of reheating tamping coke oven has ended the situation that enterprise blast furnaces eat a hundred meals, and also ended the history of burning heavy oil for decades

Give full play to the role of foreign capital in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries

up to now, Changgang group has invested 620million yuan in energy conservation, emission reduction and pollution control. At the end of 2007, the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel was reduced by 36 kilograms of standard coal compared with the previous year, the new water consumption per ton of steel was reduced by 0.54 cubic meters, or 7.65%, the power consumption per ton of steel was reduced by 10.6 kwh, or 2.31%, industrial waste gas, industrial wastewater The comprehensive treatment of solid waste has passed the acceptance of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and fully reached the standard

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