The annual demand for bioplastics products in Hain

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Hainan's annual demand for bioplastics products reaches 25000 tons

"Hainan's demand for bioplastics products is mainly concentrated in agriculture, medicine, food, tourism, catering and other fields and people's daily life, with an annual demand of about 25000 tons." Recently, it was learned from the Hainan plastics industry association that the patented enzyme biodegradable plastic masterbatch of a well-known British company has carried out film blowing tests in Hainan. At present, it is carrying out experiments of full biological enzyme degrading plastic film and liquid biological enzyme, and the application prospect will be very broad

bioplastics are divided into bio based plastics and fully biodegradable plastics. The person in charge of Hainan Plastics Industry Association said that since the end of the last century, Hainan enterprises have begun to enter the field of bioplastics. Since 2013, iqon company in the UK has brought its patented enzyme biodegradable plastic tensile testing machine due to the bumpy journey. The enterprise should take the opportunity of market adjustment to feed masterbatch, contact with Hainan plastic industry plastic deformation Association, and conduct three film blowing tests. Its enzyme biodegradable plastic masterbatch can be directly blended with traditional chemical plastics such as PE. In the natural environment, enzymes first play a role in cutting off the molecular chain. The microorganisms of these enzymes decompose chemical plastics into water and carbon dioxide, making chemical plastics a part of the carbon cycle in nature. The industry pointed out that after the successful landfill experiment and the residue passing the state authority, this material may bring a technological revolution in the plastic industry

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