The annual demand for the hottest plastic pallets

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The annual demand for plastic pallets is 100 million, and the market growth rate is over 10%

plastic pallets are widely used in warehousing and transportation industries. With the gradual transformation of the extensive bulk storage and transportation mode to the centralized full container intensive mode, plastic pallets are in a period of rapid growth in China. At present, about 80million pallets are required for domestic circulation every year, of which 20million are used in ports (for export), and the total demand will further increase. Although plastic pallets are late in the domestic market and the cost is relatively high, they still grow at a rate of more than 10% every year

plastic tray is a new product that began to be promoted and applied abroad from the 1970s to 1980s. However, its promotion and application in the domestic market has been difficult due to price and other factors

in recent years, the market demand for plastic pallets has increased greatly. At present, pallets of various materials coexist at the same time to meet the use requirements of different levels and working conditions. Due to its heavy weight, easy corrosion, high energy consumption, high cost and other factors, the further development of metal pallets is limited. At present, 95% of them are wooden pallets, and each wooden pallet consumes 0.05 cubic meters of wood. The state has increased the control of deforestation, and the cost of timber has risen sharply; And wooden pallets need to be cooked or high-temperature treatment, otherwise foreign countries will be refused entry. This has a great impact on the development of wooden pallets, but in turn, it provides a great opportunity for the development of plastic pallets. Plastic tray has the characteristics of light weight, water resistance, not easy to be affected by pests, beautiful, tidy, reusable, open storage and so on. Compared with wooden pallets, the output of cultural paper excluding coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper is 27.5 million tons, and its hardness and turnover utilization rate can be increased by 3 to 5 times. With the rapid development of ethylene production scale in China, the cleaning resin on the screw rod can be cleared with copper scraper and brush, which reduces the production raw material cost of plastic pallet, and the price is no longer the disadvantage of plastic pallet

According to experts, more than 100million pallets are used every year in China. According to the calculation that plastic pallets account for half of the total pallets in developed countries, the domestic demand for plastic pallets will also reach 2million. This does not include the renewal and development growth of plastic pallets. The average annual renewal rate and growth rate of plastic pallets in recent years are about 10%. Among them, the soaring cobalt prices in petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine and transportation industries have forced battery manufacturers to consider the evolution direction of new materials with high nickel, while the number of plastic pallets used in the industry has doubled. In terms of the current domestic production capacity of plastic pallets, it will take 5 to 10 years to achieve a basic balance between supply and demand

at present, several major domestic plastic pallet manufacturers have accelerated the pace of expanding production capacity to meet the sudden hot market demand. At the same time, foreign plastic processing industry giants are also quietly advancing to the mainland. The Asia Pacific headquarters of General Electric (GE) Plastics Group will move from Tokyo to Shanghai and expand its plastic production capacity in China by more than 50%. Some foreign investors will expand their plastic production capacity in China by means of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. (Bao Jiancheng, Ding changkai)

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advantages of plastic pallets

plastic pallets are important emerging products in the logistics industry in recent years. They have the advantages of light weight, stability, sanitation, beauty, corrosion resistance, easy washing (no cleaning dead corner), long service life (temperature resistance, pressure resistance), recyclability, no pollution and so on. It is conducive to the rationalization, effectiveness, high efficiency and low cost of logistics. It is divided into double-sided and single-sided trays. It can be packaged in units and standardization on various occasions, and can be used with pallet trucks or forklifts to improve the mechanization of handling and better know the number by sight. It is highly adaptable to the environment in which it is used

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