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The annual grand meeting of the cable industry opens today

editor's note: the 2008 China wire and cable industry conference with the theme of "rationality, concept and steady development" will soon open in Shanghai Bolong International Hotel on September 22, 2008. This "China International cable and wire Exhibition" has received the full support from major associations and professional institutions at home and abroad and the enthusiastic attention of professional audiences

the 2008 China wire and cable industry conference will be held at Bolong international hotel in Shanghai on September 22, 2008. The 2008 China International cable and wire exhibition will also be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 23 to 26, 2008. In order to hold these two conferences well, highlight the theme of "rationality, concept and steady development", and take advantage of the opportunity of wirechina exhibition to strengthen the connection between exhibitors and customers, promote new products of enterprises, and improve the corporate image and popularity, Shanghai Cable Research Institute, as one of the organizers, is making preparations in an intense and orderly manner

the organizers attach great importance to this industry conference. The above is the important related content of understanding the model of electronic universal testing machine and wirechina exhibition. The conference and Exhibition preparations started early. Half a year before the industry conference was officially held, the information Exhibition Center of Shanghai Cable Research Institute began to plan the conference. After full research and discussion with various parties, it was determined that the theme of the conference was "rationality, concept and steady development", and around this theme, Jiabin was invited to formulate 6 The center distance between the two supporting cylinders: 100 ± 0.1mm. The agenda of the meeting is rich and profound, with a distinctive sense of the times. The preparation work for wirechina exhibition is earlier. The project was launched two years ago, and the booth reservation was started at last year's cable exhibition

in order to hold these two meetings, the organizer 22 has carried out multi angle and orderly publicity on the mix proportion of masonry mortar. Through the continuous special publicity of various professional media, the relevant information of the annual grand meeting with a market range of trillions of yuan by the end of "1035" will be timely conveyed to industry enterprises in various aspects and angles, so as to make preparations for the smooth convening of the two sessions

in order to hold these two conferences well, the organizers used their own experience in organizing the conference for many years to explore and innovate. For the first time, they held a distinctive "round table conference" in the industry conference. In a democratic and open spirit, they invited the chairmen or general managers of Baosheng Group, Shangshang group, Far East Holdings, Qingdao hancable, Kunming cable, Fuzhou Guancheng, Changzhou ship cable, Nanping sun cable and other enterprises to discuss the high industry attention An important topic with great influence. The organizer provided an equal and friendly information exchange platform for industry exchanges, and specially invited senior leaders of the enterprise to speak freely and point out the maze, so as to highlight the theme of the event

this "China International cable and wire Exhibition" has received great support from major associations and professional institutions at home and abroad and enthusiastic attention from professional visitors. The exhibition area has also expanded from 22000 square meters in the previous session to 33000 square meters at present. The exhibition area has increased by 50%, and the number of exhibitors at home and abroad has exceeded 700. The exhibition will welcome exhibitors from Taiwan, China, Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain and North America

today, there are still three days before the official opening of the industry conference, and many preparations are ready. Let's wish this year's two sessions a better event and a more complete success

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