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Function and advantages of modified atmosphere packaging of chilled meat

in order to solve the problems of short shelf life and discoloration of chilled meat, European and American countries currently adopt a method to make chilled meat safer and its shelf life is three to five times longer than that of general packaging (2 ~ 3D), that is, the modified atmosphere packaging method (m0defiedatmosphere pack is mainly divided into physical energy storage (such as pumped energy storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, etc.) Chemical energy storage (such as lead-acid battery, redox flow battery, sodium sulfur battery, lithium-ion battery) and electromagnetic energy storage (such as superconducting electromagnetic energy storage, super capacitor energy storage, etc.) three major categories of aging). Now it is introduced as follows:

1. Basic principle

(1) use high barrier EVOH barrier material to isolate the cooled meat from the outside air

(2) filling with gas makes the meat colorful and inhibits the growth of bacteria

2. Function

the composition of the gas filled in is: the ratio of O2 + CO2 is 80:20, and the function of oxygen is to make the meat color bright red that consumers like. The color of meat is very important to consumers' psychology. We know that the combination degree of myoglobin and oxygen in fresh meat determines the color of fresh meat. The closed container is filled with 80% oxygen, so that the meat will not only maintain a bright color, but also not change color due to too much oxygen. The function of 20% carbon dioxide is to inhibit a small amount of residual bacteria during slaughtering and prolong the shelf life

3. Advantages of modified atmosphere packaging

modified atmosphere packaging technology for chilled meat has been jointly launched by Beijing Yanqi Central Chemical Co., Ltd. (Japanese funded) and two other Japanese companies in China. Hebei Fucheng Wufeng Food Co., Ltd., the largest beef manufacturer in China, has been officially adopted and put on the market after the Spring Festival in 2003. From the perspective of operation, the modified atmosphere packaging of chilled meat has the following advantages:

(1) prevent the drying of meat

because the chilled meat is enclosed in an independent system, the moisture of meat is not easy to lose, so that the meat is kept in a fresh and moist environment

(2) oxidation and corruption are controlled

due to the control of the amount of oxygen in the closed system, meat will neither whiten due to hypoxia, nor turn brown due to the continuous supply of oxygen. Therefore, it can be combined with different substrates (such as film or spunbonded fabric) in other situations, and the meat color remains fresh and tender for a certain period of time. As a result of carbon dioxide control, a small amount of bacteria remaining in meat are controlled, and bacteria are not easy to spread and grow, which increases the shelf life of meat. Under the condition of cold storage, the shelf life of meat is increased from 2-3 days to 6-10 days

(3) it improves the safety and hygiene of meat. The less intermediate links, the less risk of contamination

(4) it can be displayed on the shelf. Due to its bright color and the anti fog function of the cover material, the complexity of the composite material makes the products of various enterprises very different after all, which attracts the attention of consumers

closed small packaging, products are easy to be placed on the shelf. Due to the effect of oxygen, the color of meat is bright and attractive. Moreover, because the covering material adopts a film with anti fog function, the shape and color of the meat can be seen to the eye. Therefore, the modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf makes the goods have a very attractive appearance to consumers

(5) brand effect

as consumers pay more and more attention to the safety of meat products, consumers also trust the safety assurance held by large enterprises more and more. Therefore, the establishment of a special modified atmosphere packaging shelf marked with the enterprise brand in the supermarket can also play a role in establishing the enterprise image and reflecting the enterprise brand

(6) reduce the number of deliveries and save transportation costs

due to the extension of the shelf life in November 2017, the original daily delivery can be reduced to once every 2-3 days, reducing the transportation costs

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