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The role of distribution transformer in telemetry terminal RTU

distribution transformer is an important equipment in distribution telemetry terminal RTU and the most basic unit of power supply. The monitoring of distribution transformer is of great significance to distribution automation management, line loss analysis, load forecasting and power demand management

distribution transformer is the equipment that directly distributes electric energy to low-voltage users in power distribution. It is the dividing point between low-voltage (10kV) distribution and user 380/220v. The second transmission mode can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission. Distribution transformer installation and telegraph pole, distribution room and box type substation have the characteristics of dispersion, changing geographical environment, wide coverage, many users, easy to be affected by user capacity increase and urban construction

through the real-time monitoring of the distribution transformer, we can grasp the operation of the distribution transformer in time. 1. Reduce the damage of the space environment to the human body, and prevent the distribution transformer from burning down due to serious overload of the distribution transformer load, accelerating damage caused by serious imbalance of three-phase load, uneconomical operation state and a large number of inductive negative life caused by long-term light load operation of the distribution transformer, and low power factor and high line loss caused by absolute long-term load operation

the environment has also been optimized. The real-time monitoring, copying, analysis, processing and control of the distribution transformer operation can timely adjust the operation state of the distribution transformer, reasonably configure the capacity of the distribution transformer, adjust the low-voltage intelligent reactive power compensation control of the distribution transformer, and ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the distribution transformer

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