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The role of machine tool parameters in NC maintenance

beijing_ Is FANUC 0I series high-quality and cost-effective? CNC system has rich functions, especially the internal data structure layout is reasonable, the operation is intuitive, and the use and maintenance are very convenient. Its functions can be selected by modifying some parameters. The following is a few examples encountered in practice to illustrate its application

1 modification of full closed loop → semi closed loop of TH6350 horizontal machining center

th6350 horizontal machining center uses FANUC-0i a system, and its b axis adopts vertical device of longitudinal hydraulic cylinder to close loop on the base. Due to the problem of b-axis circular grating, it cannot play its role, but the production task is very tight, so it is decided to temporarily adopt the semi closed-loop structure. The steps are as follows:

(1) set the parameter "0"? No.1815#1 related? Axis B parameters? Optx is changed to "0"

(2) modify the flexible transmission ratio feed gear (n/m), which can be set through the following formula:

n/m= the desired number of pulses when the motor rotates for 1 revolution/the number of pulses fed back by the position when the motor rotates for 1 revolution

= reference counter capacity/1000000, so as to ensure that the experimental machine can run continuously for a long time 0 (minimum common divisor)

=15 000/1 000 000?


since n/m is an integer ratio, it can also be set by using the estimation method:


that is, 2/200 < n/m < 4/200

so n/m=3/200

(3) after the modification, execute the b-axis return to zero, use the dial indicator to hit the reference plane of the fixture, and appropriately modify the parameters? No.1850 grid offset about axis B? Grid shift, so that the position of the fixture can return to the position of the full closed loop after returning to zero

this completes the conversion from full closed loop to semi closed loop

2 VMC_ 1000C vertical machining center a-axis zeroing adjustment

vmc_ The FANUC-0i a system is used in the 1000C vertical machining center. Due to long-term rotation of its a-axis, sometimes the return to zero is inaccurate, and it is still inaccurate when it is turned off and then turned on. This fault may be due to the damage or looseness of the deceleration stop of axis A, which needs to be replaced or adjusted, so the zero return is not so accurate. The accuracy of zeroing can be guaranteed by adjusting parameters. The following describes the fastest way to adjust this parameter

first, set the parameter "0" to "0"? No.1850 grid shift about? Set the parameter of axis A to "0", return axis A to zero, and then rotate axis a with the hand wheel to align the moving scribed line on the turntable with the fixed scribed line (whether it is aligned can be judged by the coincidence of the shadow ray of the fixed scribed line and the moving scribed line). See how many degrees axis a turns after returning to zero before the two scribed lines are aligned. Multiply this degree by 1000 to compensate? No.1850 about? The parameters of axis a are sufficient

this method can also be used when other axes return to zero inaccurately

3 FANUC-0i ? A about the display of alarm history

fanuc-0i a has the function of alarm history, which records all operations during the operation of the machine tool, and is very convenient for fault analysis and maintenance. The alarm history function can be started through the following parameter settings. The air gap between the electromagnet and the armature can be adjusted by encouraging him to adjust the pad for you:

(1) no.3106#7ohd (0: do not display the operation history screen, 1: display the operation history screen) and no.3106# 4ohs (whether to sample the operation history, 0: sample, 1: do not sample)

(2) No.3112 × 5oph (0: the operation history function is valid, 1: the operation history function is invalid)

(3) No.3112, record the interval of time mark on the operation history

4 FANUC-0i a about the adjustment of the spindle orientation stop position

after the spindle is disassembled, execute the M19 positioning command, and its orientation position will change. If the orientation stop position is incorrect, it will damage the tool change device, so the orientation stop position must be fine adjusted. FANUC-0i ? A provides convenient parameter adjustment function. By adjusting any of the parameters no.4031 and no.4077 (no.4031: position encoder directional stop position, no.4077: directional stop position offset), the directional position can be restored to the state before disassembly. In this way, there is no need to worry about not marking before disassembly

5 Conclusion

from the above examples, it can be seen that the parameters of CNC machine tools play a very important role. They have been set to the best value when the machine tools leave the factory, and usually do not need to be modified. However, in the application, it can be changed and optimized according to the actual situation, so as to make up for the shortcomings in mechanical or electrical design. Here is a brief introduction to the maintenance method of 1 drop test machine: insufficient. Of course, to change parameters, you must first have a detailed understanding of the parameter, see what results will be produced by the change of the parameter, which parameter will restrict it and whether it will affect other parameters, and make records to compare the results produced by different parameters, select the best one and set it in the corresponding parameter table. It's best not to modify parameters before you don't know the meaning of parameters, so as to avoid accidents

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