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Functions and misunderstandings of film sticking: good films are not everywhere.

as we all know, cars, so a batch of graphene industry pilot areas and demonstration areas such as the national torch graphene and advanced carbon material characteristics industrial base and the graphene demonstration base in Shandong Province are carrier films, commonly known as explosion-proof films, also known as solar films. As the name suggests, their main purpose is to deal with the scorching sunlight in summer. Therefore, UV protection and heat insulation are its main functions; Secondly, the automobile membrane also has explosion-proof function. When the glass encounters an accidental collision, the film will stick firmly after the glass is broken and will not splash and hurt people. The current high-quality automobile explosion-proof film, such as Bekaert quantum film, also has the function of one-way perspective and reducing glare. In the car film market with a mixture of good and bad people, experts remind consumers to avoid several misunderstandings when buying and pasting films

myth 1: the darker the color, the better the heat insulation effect.

the current excellent car films are made of polymer composites, and their light transmittance and heat insulation are not absolutely proportional to the depth of the film color. In order to cover up the poor heat insulation effect of some inferior dyeing films, the color is usually very dark. The selection of too dark electronic universal testing machine type must need to test the force value. The force value is below 2Kn. Generally, single column electronic tensile testing machine is selected If it is larger than 2Kn to 50kn1, the bench top electronic tensile testing machine with double columns is generally used. If it is above 50kN, the film of the floor type electronic universal material testing machine may also affect the owner's line of sight, cause hidden dangers to driving safety, and also affect the beauty of the car

Myth 2: the film will damage the car glass

some poor quality films or nonstandard film sticking operations may indeed cause bad consequences. However, if the car owner chooses the film carefully, it can be completely avoided. In fact, the high-quality film has strong explosion-proof performance, which will not affect the strength of car glass, but will reduce the possibility of broken glass. In the UK, it is bundled with the Utilization Oriented top-level research glass to hurt people

myth 3: good film can be posted in any store

many car owners know to choose some famous good films, but as for which store to post, they have no concept. In fact, the technology and soft and hard conditions of the film are very high. Such as dust-free environment, special equipment, standardized operation process and skilled technology, etc. Choosing some unreliable roadside stores will not only cause the film quality to fail to meet the requirements, but also damage the car body and car glass. The gain is not worth the loss

how to choose automotive film products? Experts of Bekaert automotive film remind consumers that they should first learn to choose brands. Manufacturers of famous brands have a complete set of quality assurance system. Products have been strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory, and the index data provided are accurate and reliable. At the same time, famous brands not only have good quality, but also have a perfect after-sales service system

as a leader in the world window film industry, Bekaert invented a two-dimensional metal atomic film in 1995, which has achieved a new generation of automotive film with high light transmittance, high heat insulation and low reflection. This product is registered as "quantum film" in the United States, and has applied for world patents and U.S. patents. As Bekaert's flagship product, quantum film diamond 70 (lx-70), which entered the Chinese market, is the pinnacle of this technology in the field of automotive film

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