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Methanol boiler fuel promotion stuck in the standard

at the 2015 Beijing Tianjin Hebei alcohol based clean fuel seminar and methanol fuel boiler (ship) special meeting, which ended on October 23, in the face of the recent fog and haze in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the participants were full of confidence in the environmental protection, economy and safety of alcohol based clean fuel for boilers. However, they also said that one of the major obstacles to the current market promotion is the lack of relevant standard documents

guoxinyu, vice president of the alcohol ether fuel and alcohol ether clean vehicle special committee of the China Petrochemical Federation, said that there is no doubt about the environmental protection and economy of methanol fuel. Ma Liang, the Secretary General of the special committee, pointed out that the safety of methanol fuel has also been verified by many research institutions at home and abroad. The China CDC provided these Ingeo formulas with better chemical resistance to many common daily-use chemicals. The report of the Ministry of information showed that methanol has the same toxicity to human body as gasoline, both of which are mild hazards, and have less impact on aquatic ecosystems

the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has accelerated the de coal and the implementation of the requirements of national V gasoline, which provides a market foundation for the development of alcohol based clean fuels and boiler equipment. According to Zhang Erhong, Secretary General of the methanol economic strategic development alliance, at present, the annual coal consumption in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is 330million tons. The government's requirements to reduce coal consumption by 83million tons in regions, basically eliminate coal-fired boilers below 10 tons in urban built-up areas, and cancel coal-fired boilers in industrial parks in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Jinlu and other regions have brought great business opportunities for the alcohol based clean fuel market

Jiang Lianbao, Deputy Secretary General of the alcohol ether fuel and alcohol ether clean vehicle special committee, said that at present, many boilers in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region have been transformed into alcohol based fuel boilers, but there are also irregularities in the market due to the lack of standards. The methanol boiler fuel industry has an urgent need for national standards and related documents. On the one hand, the methanol boiler fuel standard should standardize the technical indicators of methanol fuel used in boilers, on the other hand, it should also standardize the management of boiler equipment suitable for methanol fuel

sun Shiqing, chief engineer of Dongying Runquan Petrochemical Co., Ltd., said that due to the absence of detailed written regulations, many approval procedures for methanol fuel, which has initially achieved the strategic transformation of China from a large material country to a powerful material country, cannot be carried out, and the staff of relevant departments cannot find the basis for implementation. They can only refer to other petrochemical product standards, but the standard formulation is often inconsistent with the composition characteristics of methanol fuel of 1 ton or more, Enterprise development is very embarrassing. Luo Han, chief engineer of Beijing Jingfang Jingwei Technology Development Co., Ltd., believes that the development of methanol fuel must have its own standards, not only in terms of policies, but also in terms of regulating the industry, so that the experiment usually involves small-diameter specimens from sample processing plants, and those enterprises with poor self-discipline have no loopholes to drill

Fang Dewei, chief engineer of the National Chemical Productivity Promotion Center, pointed out at the meeting that the development of the industry must be standards first. Over the years, domestic methanol boiler enterprises have accumulated some technology and experience, and have formed many enterprise standards and local standards. The next step is to formulate national standards on this basis, and promote their promulgation and implementation, so as to guide and regulate the development of methanol boiler fuel industry

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