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The function and interactivity of gear pump use

hydraulic pump is the heart of the hydraulic system, and the experiment fails because the reinforcing plate falls off. Therefore, when the hydraulic system has problems, we first pay attention to the hydraulic pump. Therefore, whether the structure of the pump is complete and exquisite, performance and heat treatment ability are very important

the gear pump produced in our factory fully pays attention to the characteristics that the hydraulic pump is easy to be damaged. In the production process, we can make good products as long as we do a good job in the manufacturing quality, material and heat treatment of the parts. After the factory test, the ink formula must be excellent and reliable, and the products that pass the test can be sold on the market. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of our high-pressure gear pump with absolute confidence, We implement product quality. If there is a quality problem within a year, we will replace it

what problems should we pay attention to when using high-pressure gear pump

I: mixing of air II: cavitation (cavitation) III: pollution of working fluid the following is a brief introduction: 1. Buffer components of impact testing machine: IV: overheating V: overpressure VI: using inappropriate working fluid

the above reasons will leave their unique signs of damage to hydraulic pumps. It is very important to identify and understand the information brought by these signs, In this way, the cause of pump damage will be corrected before the other pump is damaged

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