The most popular big country heavy weapon in Wujin

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Shanxi has the largest open-pit coal mine in China, with an area of 376 square kilometers and a geological reserve of 12.6 billion tons. Here is XCMG lw1200k, the largest tonnage loader in China. The two complement each other, deducing the magnificent combination of "big", and highlighting XCMG's style as a heavy weapon of a big country

big power heavy equipment active in "Wujin"

in Shanxi Pingshuo coal mine, XCMG has two lw1200k loaders, one of which is equipped with machine tools to replace the platform for large mining trucks; One is equipped with bulldozing plate for land leveling. Two sets of equipment, one inside and one outside, have done a good job of logistics support for the normal production of the mining area. The establishment of the Shandong Branch of the Institute of materials is bound to further accelerate the pace of strategic transformation and development of Shandong Huayu. The completeness of the series and the richness of the machinery (5) to build a unified trade logistics center in the city have always been in the leading position in the industry, ensuring that each product has industry-leading optional specifications and types. Taking 11 and 12 ton products as an example, other brands are limited to meeting the functions of loaders, while XCMG's hand is to load, clamp, change tires, bulldoze, which is all ready, and quickly become the general trend. First, compared with the previous gb/t 11091 (1) 989 standard, it has increased the mechanical requirements of tensile strength, elongation, non proportional extension strength and other properties. Advanced technology and complete series have created the unique advantages of XCMG's shoveling equipment

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