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Chongqing bidding pays attention to comprehensive quality printing enterprises actively participate

recently, government procurement evaluation experts recommended by Chongqing Publishing Bureau have participated in the bidding evaluation of government procurement of printed materials for many times

in view of the bid evaluation principle of winning the bid at the lowest price, the evaluation experts generally believe that it is not desirable, because it is easy to cause malicious low-cost bid winning. After winning the bid at the lowest price, it must be the lowest cost construction, and it is difficult to ensure the qualified quality of government purchased products and the image of public welfare services. In the process of bid evaluation, the evaluation expert group listened carefully to the review experts recommended by Qingshi Publishing Bureau who introduced the basic information of the enterprises shortlisted in the bidding. The above is to share the precautions for the selection of universal experimental machine fixtures based on the existing industrial foundation, including the reasonable price analysis of bidding products, the adaptability of enterprise equipment capacity, on-site management ability and quality level, So as to evaluate the shortlisted enterprises more purposefully

judging from the results of several reviews, the iron rule of winning the bid at the lowest price has made a breakthrough, and the enterprises with good quality, strict management and strong equipment capacity take advantage. At a time when government procurement of printed materials is increasing and the operation is becoming more and more standardized, printing enterprises should actively pay attention to this business area, and continue to participate in similar fair competition on the basis of improving the internal strength and enhancing the strength of China's automobile production and sales in 2016

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