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Bijie LED lamp has become the main commodity of light source

Bijie LED lamp has become the main commodity of light source. Our company produces LED bulb lamps, LED tunnel lamps and other products according to the prospective database data, which have strict requirements on the production process and ex factory quality inspection. The company has many years of product research and development experience and professional technology in the field of LED lamps. Through continuous scientific and technological innovation and brand management, it has accumulated unique brand connotation and solid development foundation. The products have obtained multiple patents on subsystems such as heat dissipation, light source and chip, which can be divided into static load testing machine and dynamic load testing machine. The products are sold at home and abroad and are adopted by a large number of engineering lighting units. The LED bulb lamps and LED tunnel lamps produced by mingxingxin lighting have undergone many modifications and improvements from the initial stage of design to mass production and shipment. Through the timely communication and close cooperation between R & D engineers and business departments, the product quality and appearance have been better recognized by the market. Most domestic LED skills are introduced from abroad. With the progress of domestic science and technology, although the skills of producing LED lamps continue to improve, there is still a distance compared with foreign countries. Domestic manufacturers should continue to learn from abroad, introduce foreign skills into China, and then reduce the production cost of goods and improve their quality. In this way, the quotation will naturally come down and be more popular with consumers. Since the beginning of LED lighting, it has continued to improve its luminous efficiency rapidly, but its cost has fallen rapidly. Compared with turning on the refrigeration switch again, the traditional lighting advantage should be continuously strengthened and accumulated at an interval of 10-20 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature). LM/$is far beyond other lighting products, forming an energetic low-voltage belt in the whole lighting industry

since 2011, the direction of bulb irradiation on the market has remained unchanged. If it needs to be changed, it needs to be changed on the supporting lamps, which increases the cost of the product and is inconvenient to use. A new LED lamp that can turn 360 degrees can rotate in any direction to meet various needs, changing the limitation that ordinary bulbs can only irradiate one place fixedly. Obviously, our search for "intelligence" is endless, but the current intelligent lighting products are not perfect. Although we can't wait for lighting products that can be considered and learned like humans in a short time, very good handling, more useful functions, useful linkage mechanism and higher security are the directions that manufacturers can try their best. In short, intelligent lighting products should not seek empty and gimmicky "huge". Only by gradually improving from the fundamental experience, and then providing people-oriented application methods, can we bring real "intelligent experience"

however, due to a series of obstacles, such as channel costs, marketing costs, consumer awareness, etc., the energy of the entire LED lighting low-voltage band has not been effectively released, resulting in the pressure of excess production capacity within this low-voltage band, which further forces the company to tighten profits, continue to expand the cost-effective advantages of other lighting products, and constantly erode the traditional lighting malls, The expanded scale of shopping malls makes the unit cost of LED lamps drop rapidly, and the price ratio of LED lamps is more competitive. When the pressure accumulates to a certain degree, the convection of the cyclone forms a strong vortex. Therefore, at a certain critical point, the tornado storm with LED lights comes

the embedded IOT communication module is added to the intelligent LED lamp, which can complete the interconnection and access within a certain area. Together, the user connects the intelligent and cloud service channels, and then enables the user to check the operation status of the LED lamp at home at any place and at any time, including brightness, color temperature, and electrical parameters, Together, users can also control the LED bulb at home for a long distance based on their own preferences through intelligent or wired computers. On the other hand, for rooms installed with multiple groups of smart bulb lamps, smart bulb lamps can dynamically scan other smart bulb lamps during normal operation, and actively complete self-organizing control, and then allow users to define the lighting scene of the room scene by themselves. Users can even set the color in the photos taken by digital cameras to the smart lighting devices in the room, For example, the lighting environment at sunrise and sunset can be simulated with lights

led lamp is advancing rapidly, its luminous power is being surprisingly broken, and the quotation is also declining. An era of white LED entering the family is coming rapidly. The long service life of LED lamps eliminates the dilemma of corridor lamps that often need to be repaired. Solid state package, belonging to the type of cold light source. Therefore, it is very convenient to transport and equipment, and can be installed in any micro and closed equipment. It is not afraid of oscillation, and basically does not need to consider heat dissipation. Although LED lamps have more advantages and point out the direction for the development of plastic granulator technology in China, why do you still not choose them? It is nothing more than a quotation question. Because not every household can afford the high price of LED lamps, they prefer to hang traditional incandescent lamps to add atmosphere to their own homes. Then this question still needs to be dealt with

Bijie LED lamp has become the main commodity of light source

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