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Recently, Lovol loaders successfully won the bid for the China Road and Bridge procurement project, 26 Lovol loaders married in Senegalese, and participated in the construction of Senegal TT expressway project

Lovol fl958g-etx+ loader

TT expressway is the first expressway constructed by foreign direct investment in Senegal, which has attracted the attention of senior leaders of China and Serbia. Lovol fl958g-etx+ loader, with its reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service, has been unanimously recommended and recognized by factor 1: sensor bid evaluation experts and the project construction party

it is understood that Lovol fl958g-etx+ loader is a product optimized and upgraded by Lovol loader based on the original Lovol fl958g-etx loader according to the needs of users. It can be widely used in the loading and unloading of coal, earth, sandstone and ore in construction sites, road construction, mines, stations and wharfs

more reliable

Lovol fl958g-etx+ loader has a leading self weight in the industry. It adopts a European four plate support structure, and the torsion resistance of the whole vehicle is rapidly improved, effectively extending the service life of the whole machine. The product is equipped with a closed box type rocker arm structure and a reinforced rocker arm side plate, and the overall strength is increased by 40%. The machine adopts European cooling principle, smooth air duct, high-efficiency wind field, full contact cooling water tank, and can work normally at a high temperature of 50 ℃

the machine adopts forged steel pipe flanges, glands, and tungsten argon arc butt welding. The strength and pressure resistance of steel pipe welds have soared, and the problem of weld cracking in the industry has been eradicated. The German sealing standard and crimping technology can effectively solve the leakage problem. Through five rounds of industrial tests, there are 118 test sets, and the longest verification time is 5000. The most common method of testing steel hardness is to file on the edge of the workpiece with a file, The hardness can be judged by the depth of the scratch on its surface. The mean time between failures is 450 hours. It has the function of maintaining the peak value of experimental force during the experimental process

the loader gearbox is equipped with a power related device, which can effectively prevent the misoperation of the manipulator, eliminate the unnatural damage of the braking system, and add a jackscrew structure at the support of the gearbox to effectively protect the transmission system and power system


Lovol fl958g-etx+ loader adopts a high-strength integral cab, with the strength increased by 35%, providing a safe operating environment for the operator. The service brake and parking brake of the machine realize double insurance operation, leading the mainstream of safety in the industry. The semi metal heat insulation friction plate and high boiling point brake fluid ensure the excellent operation of the braking system for a long time, greatly improve the wear resistance of the valve rod and the up and down fanning force of the dust-proof plate, and comprehensively upgrade the braking system

more comfortable

Lovol fl958g-etx+ loader is equipped with European style widened arc panoramic windows. Foreign companies subscribe for 19.9% equity of American lithium for us $49 million. It is fashionable and has a broad vision. Multiple sound insulation designs are adopted in the cab, and the noise is 9 dB lower than the industry standard. The slotted sealing bench and moulded interior parts used by the machine effectively prevent dust and ensure the driver's health. The integrated control console and real-time monitoring of the whole machine status data are clear at a glance, convenient and practical

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