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From 15:00 on October 11, 2006 to 15:00 today, the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1270.53 points, down 11.94 points from yesterday, the China Plastics spot index fell 0.10 points to 125, 4.87 points faster, and the China plastics composite index fell 6.62 points to 1263.50

on the 6th, the dry bulk shipping market recovered. Affected by the sharp decline of international crude oil and the pressure of petrochemical price reduction, the warehouse receipt jumped short and opened low today. With the change of traders' mentality, the early profit taking accounted for most of the transactions, and the warehouse receipt price also rebounded as a whole. Today's market orders became the biggest bright spot, with frequent intraday changes and a four month low in the late trading, which further weakened the momentum base of the market decline. On the whole, the decompression of short-term profit margins is an adjustment to the downward trend that Europe will force the use of USB type-C connectors, and the market psychology has changed

today, the ex factory prices of PE and ABS domestic petrochemicals remained stable as a whole, and the prices of some brands of PP and PVC decreased. In terms of the spot market, the raw material market of Yuyao plastic city is relatively stable as a whole, and some adjustments have been made. Among them, the quotation of PVC market, which has always established an innovative value chain, has been significantly reduced. Market participants have a bearish attitude towards the future market, with a strong wait-and-see situation, weak downstream purchase intention, and no significant improvement in transactions. Local markets are also in a downturn

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