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"Biluochun" 15 signs unified anti-counterfeiting outer packaging

Dongting (mountain) Biluochun, which will be listed this year, will have a "new face". Not long ago, the Department of quality supervision and industry and Commerce of Wuzhong District conducted special training for 16 enterprises that undertake the printing of "Biluochun" outer packaging in Dongshan Town, clearly stipulating that the outer packaging of Biluochun listed this year must have 15 marks of hydraulic universal testing machines, and 57 enterprises that are approved to use the name and mark of "Dongting (Shan) Biluochun" product protection must use the special name of "Dongting (Shan) Biluochun" product, It cannot be simply called "Biluochun". Last year, Dongting (mountain) Biluochun was protected by products of geographical origin, which standardized the business behavior of tea farmers and merchants. In order to further protect and improve the quality of the hole double column tensile testing machine, which is widely used in all kinds of materials such as gold, metal, rubber and plastic, footwear, leather, clothing, textiles, insulators, wires and cables, terminals and so on, and purify the tea market, this year Wuzhong District focused on building a "Biluochun" integrity system. Hengzhiqiang, chief of the quality supervision section of Wuzhong Bureau of quality supervision, said that there were many irregularities in the outer packaging of "Biluochun" in the past. Dongting (mountain) Biluochun outer packaging listed on the ball plate this year must be printed with the registered trademark, product name, product standard, hygiene license, net content, shelf life, mainly used for automobile inspectors, product grade, place of origin, storage method, drink introduction There are 15 identifications of production unit, production address, and production date. It is reported that in order to establish an effective mechanism to regulate tea merchants, the Dongting (Shan) Biluochun origin product protection office and the Dongting (Shan) Biluochun tea industry association will sign the "Dongting (Shan) Biluochun tea origin product quality certificate" with 104 Dongting (Shan) Biluochun dealers in the near future. Each enterprise must pay a certain amount of deposit in advance as the advance compensation fee, Once the enterprise produces and sells fake goods in the distribution process, it will take this as compensation

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