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Bid farewell to regulation: the national development and Reform Commission issued a document to clean up the coal production license. The national development and Reform Commission recently issued the notice on changing functions, improving and strengthening the management of coal production and operation, and began to clean up the coal production license, requiring local management departments to change from pre examination and approval to in-process and post supervision, firmly put the right to be released in place, and manage the affairs to be managed well

in 2013, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and the State Council successively made decisions to amend the coal law, abolish the measures for the administration of coal production licenses, and cancel the coal production license system and coal business license

China's coal production and operation licenses have been in existence for nearly 20 years. According to the original coal law and relevant administrative measures, those who have not obtained a coal production license shall not engage in coal production; The State implements the coal business qualification examination system, examination and management at different levels, and the national development and Reform Commission controls the total amount

due to the existence of administrative regulation, the gold content of the above two certificates soared under the stimulation of market demand. Although the transfer and transaction are strictly prohibited by the state, the black market transaction still pushes up the transaction cost of the high-performance flame retardant and antistatic polyoxymethylene technology research and development contract signed by the University of Nanjing and Henan energy and chemical group company, and finally apportions it among the transaction costs of coal production

under the pattern of simplified administration and decentralization of power by the State Council and coal market-oriented reform, the state lifted the control of coal production and trade in terms of policy, and the coal production license and operation license came to an end. However, during the blank period from the issuance of the policy to the implementation, the above licenses are still used in some resource provinces and cities

a coal dealer said that although the examination and approval of certificates and licenses were canceled in some places, the filing system instead continued the previous approval procedures. When enterprises apply for changes in the scope of business, some industrial and commercial departments still need coal business licenses, otherwise they cannot handle them

based on the reality that it is difficult to implement the cancellation of the dual license policy, the national development and Reform Commission issued the above documents to speed up the clean-up of coal production licenses. It is required that the relevant clean-up work should be completed before January 31, 2014

people from the coal industry association commented that this is another measure that has a great chance to continue the state of grounding gas, vicious competition and losses in the whole industry after the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the smooth operation of the coal industry, which can reduce a series of costs such as license application and annual inspection

according to the notice of the national development and Reform Commission, since the date of the repeal of the measures for the administration of coal production licenses (July 18, 2013), the coal production licenses held by coal mines will be invalid, and will no longer be used as the legal certificate for coal mining enterprises to engage in coal production and other economic activities, as well as the precondition for administrative licensing

coal management departments at all levels shall not issue coal production licenses for any reason, and shall not carry out relevant activities involving coal production licenses. The problems in the connection of certificates and licenses during the transition period should be properly handled based on the principles of seeking truth from facts, complying with laws and regulations, and serving enterprises

5. Start the beam motor at all levels. The coal management department should clean up the documents related to the management of coal production license in a timely manner. If it needs to be revised, it should be revised as soon as possible, and if it needs to be abolished, it should be abolished immediately, and it should be announced to the society in a timely manner. If relevant local regulations or government rules are involved, they shall be reported to the provincial people's Congress and its Standing Committee or the government for decision in accordance with legal procedures

it is worth noting that the NDRC is cleaning up the control of coal production licenses, and there is no timetable for the cleaning up of coal business licenses

on December 6, 2013, the national development and Reform Commission announced the measures for the supervision of coal operations (Revised). Compared with the "measures for the supervision of coal business" published in 2004, the new measures will change the original coal business qualification examination system to the filing system. Enterprises engaged in coal business shall file with the local coal business supervision and administration department at the same level within 30 working days after handling the industrial and commercial registration

but the concern of practitioners is that the review system is changed to the filing system. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of experimental machines all year round, which cannot fundamentally reduce administrative intervention, and even evolve into disguised approval, and the interests attached to coal are difficult to be stripped off

the revised supervision measures put forward that unreasonable intermediate links should be eliminated in coal operation; Railway transport enterprises shall not take advantage of their dominant market position and transportation capacity to participate in coal operations; Administrative organs are prohibited from setting up intermediate links for coal supply and charging additional fees

if the above provisions are implemented, it will break the interest chain of coal regulation in resource provinces. Taking Shanxi as an example, the management and control systems of various departments for coal include: coal business license system, ticket exchange system for approved sales, ticket exchange system for sustainable development fund receipt, value-added tax invoice system, compulsory unified distribution system for county and city coal transportation and marketing, compulsory transaction system for trading centers, centralized management system for railway plans, railway household approval system, etc

obviously, reducing administrative intervention is not only to clean up coal production licenses and business licenses, but also to restructure the mode of coal production, operation and management, and act according to the laws and requirements of market economy

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