The 10th floor dropped the wire to charge the elec

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The 10th floor dropped the wire to charge the electric car

original title: the 10th floor dropped the wire to charge the electric car. Huashang Bao news (photographed by Li Xiaobo and Deng Xiaowei) stood the day before the electric car caught fire

original title: the 10th floor dropped the wire to charge the electric car

Huashang Bao news (photographed by Li Xiaobo and Deng Xiaowei) stood next to the place where the electric car caught fire the day before. Several owners of Bailu Garden community, Baqiao District, Xi'an discussed the scene at that time, The electric vehicle caught fire due to the electric wire hanging from the upstairs to charge the electric vehicle. Fortunately, instead of buying, the performance indicators were found in time, which did not cause great losses

wires are hung outside each of the three buildings in the community

at about 12 noon on May 27, a charging electric car suddenly caught fire downstairs of unit 1, building 3, Bailu Garden community. It was soon found by other owners and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Mr. Li learned about the electric car charging fire in the community afterwards, "I saw several videos later. The smoke was very big and it was more than ten stories high. I heard that the fire was very big at that time, and the electric car was burned to the frame." Mr. Li said that what makes people afraid is that there is a natural gas pipeline just above the fire point. "Fortunately, someone found it during the day. What if no one found it at night? Moreover, this phenomenon in the community is very common and too dangerous."

yesterday morning, the Chinese business daily came to the community, and the property notice and photos of the electric vehicle after the fire were pasted on the duty post at the door. There are three buildings in the community. Each building has wires hanging outside the building. The wires have different colors, and the sockets left below are also different. Some are wrapped in plastic bags, and some are hidden in beverage bottles

at the door of unit 1 of building 3, the burnt sewer pipes, blackened windows and walls, and deformed air conditioning protection make people imagine the scene when the fire breaks out. At the gate of unit 2, several owners gathered to discuss the fire the day before. "I was playing cards in unit 2. A relative came and said there was a fire outside." A teacher sitting on the electric tricycle said that he hurried out to check, "the wire caught fire quickly, and the flame suddenly went up to the second floor. I didn't dare to move, so I rode the tricycle to the property office to find someone." When he came back from the Property Office, a guy was spraying with a fire extinguisher equipped in the unit and put out the fire at once

there is a charging station in the community

but the owner thinks the cost is too expensive

a passing community security guard said: "I came and the fire has been put out, but it is estimated that the power has not been cut off upstairs. For fear of electric shock, I hurried to the 4th floor, turned off the switch, and then found the owner on the 10th floor who charged. He didn't know the fire downstairs at that time." The security guard said that in the process of handling the scene, the police of the police station under the jurisdiction rushed to the scene and took the owner away for investigation. "It's too dangerous to pull wires privately. We are also patrolling today. The property will post a notice to inform the owners to rectify themselves first and take measures later."

"this kind of life-threatening matter should be dealt with quickly, and each family should be asked to take it back, otherwise the wire will be cut off." An owner said, pointing to the wire hanging down behind him, "it's just on the natural gas pipeline. It's dangerous to have a fire again." As for the phenomenon of charging electric vehicles with private wires, Fu, a teacher sitting on a tricycle, said that he lives on the 22nd floor. Because electric vehicles are large and need to be charged every day, he also hangs wires from upstairs to charge them, "After the fire broke out yesterday, the property specially informed that there was a special charging station, but the electricity charge was too expensive. It cost 70 cents for a time. Electric vehicles like this need to be charged for 10 to 12 hours every time. It costs more than 200 to charge alone in a month. It's too expensive."

the police will cooperate with the street office and fire control to investigate the potential safety hazards in the area

the charging pile said by the teacher is in front of building 3. Yesterday morning, there was only one classified electric vehicle of 1. Friction and wear testing machine at the nine charging sockets of the charging station

then, the manager surnamed Gao of Shaanxi Xinyi Property Management Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the property management of the community, said that the property has been disclosed to Wang Wei, director of the tariff Department of the Ministry of finance, at the 2013 China brand product import Fair held in Kunshan, Jiangsu recently. The owner stressed that it was illegal not to connect wires privately, and guided the owner to the charging station for charging, but the effect was not obvious. "We have informed the owners to take back the wires by themselves one by one, otherwise we will bear the consequences in the later rectification." For the owner's reflection that the charging station charges more expensive, Manager Gao said that he had contacted the charging equipment company to negotiate to adjust the charge to between 0.4 yuan and 0.5 yuan per kilowatt hour. "In the next step, we will continue to install charging piles"

yesterday afternoon, the police of Textile City police station of Baqiao branch of Public Security Bureau said that after the electric vehicle fire accident in Bailu Garden community, they interviewed the owners and property of the electric vehicles involved for education, and would impose administrative penalties on the owners and property. The police said that the parking safety and charging safety of electric vehicles have always been emphasized. In the next step, they will cooperate with the street office and the fire department to strengthen publicity and investigation, and investigate and supervise the potential safety hazards within their jurisdiction

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"seeing is believing" we must pay attention to the hidden danger of electric vehicle charging

"when we see a fire accident, we all feel far away from ourselves, and now it happens around us. Seeing is believing! Do we know that it's wrong to do so until there are more serious accidents?" This is the emotion of an owner. The reason is that an electric vehicle charging and fire accident occurred in the community. Fortunately, the fire was put out quickly and no casualties were caused

there are three buildings in the residential area where the accident occurred. Several electric sockets extending from the upstairs are hung on the facade of each building to charge the electric vehicles parked downstairs. Although the community has also set up charging stations in the open air, the only 9 sockets are obviously not enough. Some owners believe that the high charge of the charging station is the reason for the charging of private wires

the property said that continuous investigation could not completely prevent the owner from pulling charging wires privately, so it was unhappy with the owner. The public security organ has been strengthening safety publicity and investigation, but the effect is not obvious

for the owners of this community, the potential safety hazard has long been hanging over their heads. They either ignore it or take chances. Although this time did not cause serious consequences, we must pay attention and be vigilant. It is often said that we should plan ahead and take precautions; Now the small fire of "seeing is believing" has happened. I believe everyone doesn't want to see similar things happen again. Otherwise, I'm afraid they will suffer from their own consequences. Xiao Bo Li


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