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It's nothing to spend some energy and money to improve the living comfort of the house. Ensuring the comfort of the house can also improve Feng Shui. For villas, the area is too large, and there are too many difficulties to be considered in Feng Shui layout. What about the Feng Shui layout of housing decoration? Let's take a look at the Feng Shui layout of housing decoration with Xiaobian for your reference

living room of Feng Shui layout for housing decoration

as the center of a home, the layout of Feng Shui should not be sloppy. Whether the decoration of a home has quality depends on its living room. The living room is the face of the house. Feng Shui is related to the whole family. It is best to be in the middle of the villa. The villa Feng Shui layout should pay attention to that the living room should not be dark. It must be broad, bright and well lit. A bright living room can bring prosperity to the family. The floor of the living room should be flat and should not have too many stairs or create high and low differences. Some living rooms adopt the design of high-level and low-level zoning, so that the floor height has obvious changes. Therefore, home transportation will also be bumpy due to the fluctuation of the floor

the gate of Fengshui layout for housing decoration

attention should be paid to the gate of Fengshui layout for villas. In the fengshui of the villa, the gate will be called the air vent, which is the most important place in the home space. Too much layout should also be paid special attention to. First, cleanliness is necessary, and second, the size of the door. When choosing the door, the villa cannot be the same as other houses. The villa has a large space and needs more gas. Therefore, it is better to have a double door, which can make it more luxurious and better gas

daylighting in Fengshui layout of housing decoration

villas have large space and rely mostly on windows to ensure daylighting. Therefore, we often see that large villas are floor to ceiling windows. This design is designed to be tall and tall, and it is also designed to provide daylighting. However, many windows are not conducive to Fengshui. Fengshui emphasizes the accumulation of wind and Qi. There are many windows, and the air flow through the windows cannot be retained. Good Fengshui cannot be achieved, and it cannot be done “ Gathering wind and gas &rdquo

the garden of Feng Shui layout for housing decoration

the Feng Shui layout of villas should be viewed from the overall situation. First of all, most villas have their own small gardens. The size is not a priority. First of all, the layout. Most villas have already been arranged when they are handed over, but at this time, you should see whether the layout is reasonable. It is OK to have big trees in the garden, but be careful not to be larger than the house. Do not be in front of the door. The door is the door for the house to accept the gas. It can't be blocked. The big tree blocks the air port. For one thing, it's not good to receive the gas, and for the other, it affects the internal light. And the head of a tree is like a slap in the face. When it thunders in rainy days, it is easy to be struck by lightning

stairs in Feng Shui layout of housing decoration

attention should be paid to the design of stairs in Feng Shui layout of villas. Stairs are an important element in the villa interior. They are the hub connecting the upper and lower floors. Their layout design should not be sloppy. In terms of geomantic omen, they are also the place where air is received and sent& ldquo; The entrance of the stairs cannot face the gate directly. The ideal position of the stairs is to stand against the wall and cannot be set in the center of the room. This is tantamount to dividing the home in two, which will lead to various quarrels at home and even discord between husband and wife

kitchen and bathroom in the Feng Shui layout of housing decoration

in the feng shui theory of villas, the kitchen and bathroom are regarded as unlucky rooms in the home space, which affect the rise and fall of family fortune. Therefore, as auspicious and inauspicious kitchens and toilets cannot be connected, and the ground is not higher than the living room; One genus “ Solitary Yang dries the fire ”, One genus “ Solitary cloudy water;, Together, fire and water will collide

bedroom of Feng Shui layout for housing decoration

the villa has a large space, and there must be many rooms. At this time, it should be noted that rooms and room doors cannot be opposite each other, and it is better to stagger. For the bedroom, the focus is not on the big, but on the fine. Too big bedroom will not only easily make people feel lonely, empty and afraid, but also not conducive to gathering Qi, so it is impossible to have good feng shui. And the bedroom house type cannot lack convex corners

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