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Safety performance of sunshine room as a place for leisure and entertainment activities, the safety of sunshine room is the first. The main factors that affect the safety performance of sunshine house are: steel structure; As the frame and support of the sunshine house, the firmness, bearing capacity and service life of the steel structure directly determine the safety performance of the sunshine house

1: the rules and model selection of steel structure materials should fully consider the location, height from the ground, orientation and other factors of the sunshine room. 2: According to the bearing capacity, wind pressure resistance and natural rust of steel structure in the long-term use process, select the steel that meets the strength requirements

3: steel structure processing: ensure that the welding (connection) is firm according to the stress condition of the material

surface treatment of steel structure of sunshine house in order to enhance the rust and turbidity resistance of steel structure to wind and rain, ultraviolet, industrial waste gas, acid rain and other rust and turbidity, keep the surface of steel structure bright and smooth for a long time, with uniform color, easy to clean, and prevent violent, peeling or fading, surface treatment of steel structure is required. The common surface treatment methods of steel structures are as follows: spray enamel paint (the service life can generally be extended by 1-3 years) a surface pretreatment (derusting) B antirust paint C enamel paint. Plastic spraying (service life is generally 3-5 years) a surface pretreatment (sand blasting, acid pickling and phosphating) B electrostatic spraying C high temperature spraying (180 ° 20 minutes). Fluorocarbon spraying a surface pretreatment (sand blasting, acid pickling and phosphating) B primer spraying C high temperature spraying (200 degrees, 15 minutes) d fluorocarbon paint spraying e coating varnish f high temperature spraying (230 degrees, 20 minutes). Rust proof materials for steel structure surface, such as stainless steel, aluminum-plastic plate, etc. The above processing methods can choose different colors according to users' preferences and requirements

the design idea of ventilation, heat insulation, noise, etc. of the sunshine room is to create a comfortable environment. When designing the sunshine room, we should make full use of natural wind to achieve the purpose of air circulation and cooling. Therefore, the position of doors and windows, opening mode, etc. need to be carefully designed. In order to improve the ventilation, heat insulation, noise and other performance of the sunlight room, the following methods can also be adopted: the skylight system opens a skylight on the top of the sunlight room. There are two ways: manual and automatic. The full-automatic sunroof can be equipped with weather sensing and sun tracking system. The opening of the skylight is automatically controlled according to the climatic conditions and the indoor temperature. In order to minimize the heat entering the sunshine room in summer, the sun shading system can be installed on the top of the sunshine room, and there are also two options: manual and automatic. The intelligent ventilation system can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of the sunshine room by installing a ventilation system with constant temperature and humidity functions. Coated glass adopts Low-E coated glass, which can effectively prevent sunlight and ultraviolet rays from passing through and prevent indoor and outdoor heat exchange. Sound insulation design and insulating glass with good sound insulation can significantly reduce the noise by 25-35db. Toughened laminated safety glass with PVB film inside, even if it is broken, it will not cause harm to human body. At the same time, it can absorb 99.6% ultraviolet light





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