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For economic reasons or to create a happy harbor by ourselves, some owners choose to decorate their houses by themselves. At this time, we need to have a sufficient understanding of the steps of decorating our houses by ourselves. Now let's take a look at the detailed steps of decorating our house with Xiaobian for your reference

steps to decorate your own house &mdash& mdash; Overall steps

1 handling commencement procedures &mdash& mdash; 2 self measurement &mdash& mdash; 3 preliminary design &mdash& mdash; 4. Main body demolition and reconstruction &mdash& mdash; 5. Door to door measurement by wooden door manufacturers &mdash& mdash; 6 first measurement of cabinet &mdash& mdash; 7 hydropower transformation &mdash& mdash; 8 toilet waterproof &mdash& mdash; 9. Mobilization of main materials &mdash& mdash; 10 carpentry &mdash& mdash; 11 tiling (installation of windowsill and floor drain) &mdash& mdash; 12 installation of range hood &mdash& mdash; 13 cabinet second measurement &mdash& mdash; 14 brush wall paint &mdash& mdash; 15 kitchen and bathroom ceiling &mdash& mdash; 16 gas &mdash& mdash; 17 cabinet installation (water tank and gas stove are installed at the same time) &mdash& mdash; 18 wooden door installation &mdash& mdash; 19 floor installation &mdash& mdash; 20 lay wallpaper &mdash& mdash; 21 radiator installation &mdash& mdash; 22 switch socket installation &mdash& mdash; 23 lamp installation &mdash& mdash; 24 hardware sanitary ware installation &mdash& mdash; 25 curtain rod installation &mdash& mdash; 26 pioneer cleaning &mdash& mdash; 27 furniture mobilization &mdash& mdash; 28 appliance installation &mdash& mdash; 29 home accessories &mdash& mdash; 30 moving

steps to decorate your own house &mdash& mdash; Civil reconstruction stage

1. Mobilization, wall demolition and wall building

2. The first measurement design shall be carried out for customized doors, cabinets, bathrooms, furniture, radiators, etc

3. Chiseling trunking and hydropower transformation

4. Concealed water and electricity reconstruction project of enclosed trunking

5. Waterproof works shall be carried out, and 24-hour closed water test shall be carried out on the floor of toilet (kitchen)

6. The bathroom and kitchen are pasted with wall and floor tiles

7. Repeat the measurement of customized doors, cabinets, bathrooms, furniture, etc

steps to decorate your own house &mdash& mdash; Base treatment stage

1. Carpenters enter the site and hang ceilings and gypsum lines

2. Pack door covers and window covers, and make wooden cabinet frames (except customized)

3. Synchronously make all kinds of wooden doors and modeling doors (except customized ones)

4. The wooden panel is painted with dust-proof paint (clear oil)

5. The marble table top of the windowsill is leveled and paved

6. Stick wood veneer, make lines and install them carefully

7. Wall base treatment, grinding and leveling

8. Stick adhesive (protective edge) at the joints of furniture, doors and windows

steps to decorate your own house &mdash& mdash; Detail treatment stage

1. The wall shall be painted at least three times, and the first two times first

2. Furniture paint mobilization, nail hole patching, paint

3. Deal with corners, lay floor tiles and door stones

4. Floor Companion to prevent formaldehyde, mold and bacteria pollution on the floor and under the floor

5. Customized doors, cabinets, shower cabinets, furniture, radiators, etc. enter the site

6. Installation and commissioning of lamps, switches, sockets, sanitary wares, handles, door locks, pendants, etc

7. Paint the wall for the last time

8. Clean up, fill the joints of floor tiles, and withdraw from the site

steps to decorate your own house &mdash& mdash; Check in preparation stage

1. Furniture mobilization

2. All kinds of electrical products and curtain fabric and other accessories enter the site

3. Preliminary sanitation

4. Remove the remaining decorative materials and wipe off volatile decorative substances, such as paint, glue, etc

5. Indoor air quality inspection shall be carried out 7 days after all decoration or before occupancy

6. Carry out necessary comprehensive treatment of indoor air pollution

7. Use carbon in carbon to help remove air pollution and odor inside furniture

8. Overall sanitation

9. Choose the auspicious day to move in

here is the relevant information about the steps of decorating your house. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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