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Generally speaking, before decoration, we will find several companies to compare the decoration budget quotation, but the decoration projects are almost the same, why do they have so big differences in the decoration budget? It is said that home decoration is a process of wits and courage between owners and decoration companies. In order not to fall into the trap set by decoration companies, let's learn about the common tricks of decoration companies! 1、 Clever contract tricky

confusing the general quotation of materials, confusing the concept and calculating more expenses are the usual tricks of individual home decoration companies. When signing the contract, the general quotation of a certain material shall be calculated, and the single material shall be replaced during construction to earn the price difference. In addition, some provisions that are not specific or can be interpreted in a variety of ways are also concocted to get rid of the shell. 2、 Low quotation solicits business, and then add items after commencement

when customers ask for quotation, individual decoration companies first delete items and give lower quotations than other companies, forming a low budget to attract consumers to sign orders. During the construction process, the deleted items will be regarded as additional items, and the money will be raised back to form a high final account. After completion, consumers found that the settlement cost was much higher than the budget. 3、 Designers deliberately increase items and get more commission

some designers deliberately increase decoration projects in order to get more commission from the company after receiving orders, regardless of the actual situation of consumers' homes: add a partition where there is no need to make a partition, ceiling where there is no need for ceiling, etc. After some design, the decoration quotation is significantly higher than the original budget. 4、 In the decoration of contracting labor and materials, individual construction teams do tricks in purchasing materials, some fake inferior goods as famous brand products, and use low-cost and defective products as authentic products, etc. 5、 Misreporting the measured area

some decoration companies misreported and overstated the construction area. For example, when calculating the application of wall emulsion paint, they did not deduct the area of doors and windows, or increased the length and width of the wall to increase the decoration budget. 6、 Converting material units of measurement

ingenious conversion of material units of measurement is the most common and hidden way for decoration companies to earn profits. 7、 Exaggeration and misrepresentation of building materials loss

generally, a certain loss proportion will be set on the quotation, whether it is ceramic tiles, floors, or ceilings. But in fact, the loss of decoration is far from as high as the decoration company said. Normal losses of various processes: 800mm× 800mm floor tile loss is 6%, 300mm× The loss of 450mm wall tiles is 5%, the loss of emulsion paint is 3%, and the loss of floor is 5%. In fact, it is difficult for the owner to calculate the actual loss in the end, and the excess consumption materials will flow into the pockets of the decoration company. 8、 Double counting

for example, slotting (trunking, etc.), some companies confuse the concept and charge miscellaneous fees before charging slotting fees. In fact, slotting is a kind of miscellaneous. Another example is the charge for mixing paint and varnish. Generally speaking, paint is applied outside the cabinet and varnish is applied inside the cabinet, but some companies charge twice for paint when charging. The reason is that varnish should be applied before painting





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