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Facing the competitive market environment, how should dealers in the aluminum alloy door and window industry choose to join the brand? In recent years, many manufacturers have been excluded by the market due to backward production technology and production quality problems. Yunzhicai doors and windows believes that the top ten brands of Guangdong doors and windows should be constantly transformed and upgraded to maintain a clear development direction for enterprises

change the traditional management system: no rules, no radius. This sentence is also suitable for enterprises. Only a sufficiently perfect and mature system and mechanism can bring orderly operation to enterprises. Management system and enterprise culture should carry out resource allocation of resource integration. Many enterprises become more and more lax as they develop. They have no backbone, do not find their own shortcomings, and do not see their own development prospects. It is very dangerous for such enterprises to join. Dealers joining enterprises should not only focus on product prices, but also on the development prospects and vitality of the enterprise

change the traditional marketing concept: at present, many manufacturers and dealers still sell their products at low prices, but they obviously can't keep up with the market development. Backward marketing considerations will hinder the development of enterprises. Enterprises should establish the concept of brand: to open up new markets, brand war and product war are essential, which requires unique brand planning and image. Taking brand as the market entry point will make consumers more impressed

in order to survive and develop in the new market environment, door and window enterprises should not only have motivation, but also have the ability to take action, improve their hard power, carry out reform and upgrading, and find a suitable path and direction for their own development, so as to successfully pass the future reshuffle





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