How to maintain Yama King solid wood door

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Yama Wang: how to maintain solid wood doors

a high-quality solid wood door in the market is very expensive. The price of solid wood doors made of rosewood, teak and other valuable wood can reach tens of thousands of yuan. Choosing a solid wood door with excellent quality can certainly ensure the service life of the solid wood door, but the service life of the solid wood door is also inseparable from our active maintenance of the solid wood door. So how to maintain the wooden door? How to maintain the wooden door? Please read the following detailed introduction of Yama King wooden door experts on how to maintain wooden doors and how to maintain wooden doors

method 1. Especially in winter and summer and in seasons with large changes in air humidity, solid wood doors should be prevented from being too wet in rainy seasons in summer. Pay attention to moisture prevention and waterproof. In winter, the moisture content in the air is low. You can install air humidifiers indoors or raise several pots of potted plants to adjust the air humidity. Excessive indoor air humidity is easy to cause mold spots on solid wood doors, falling off of decorative materials on the surface of solid wood doors, rusting of metal accessories of solid wood doors and other quality problems that affect the use of products. The indoor air temperature difference is large and good, which is very easy to cause the solid wood door to deform and crack due to the change of the water content of the product during the use process, which affects the use of the product

II. In the process of opening the solid wood door, pay attention to whether there is water or other liquid substances on your hands, so as to prevent water or other liquid substances from corroding the door lock. In the process of using the door lock, do not use too much force, that is, to ensure that the solid wood door is not easy to use and is damaged by excessive force in the process of use, and it can create a quiet home environment without affecting the life and rest of other family members

III. extend the service life of solid wood doors, do a good job in the maintenance of solid wood doors, and also require us to regularly clean and remove dust on solid wood doors in our daily life. During the cleaning process of solid wood doors, do not use hard cloth or sharp substances to remove surface stains, but try to use soft cotton cloth to erase, and it is easy to scratch the surface with hard cloth

IV. when liquid wiping is needed to remove surface stains, clean with clean water or neutral chemical nursing solution as far as possible, and only wipe with a little liquid with a soft cloth, otherwise the surface finishing material will be soaked and corroded, causing the surface finishing material to change color or peel off, affecting the beauty of the product




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