Decoration workers' income doubled in five years,

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The daily salary of decoration workers has doubled in five years

no less than that of white-collar workers

"the income gap between white-collar and blue collar workers in China is narrowing." A foreign media report that recently caused heated discussion on the Internet shows that in the past four years, the wage growth of blue collar workers in China has been greater than that of white-collar workers - the average annual wage growth rate of professionals is 12%, while the annual wage growth rate of manufacturing, agriculture and construction is 14%

when will the era of high salary for blue collar workers in China come? Recently, the reporter conducted a labor cost survey on industries closely related to residents' lives, such as decoration, express delivery and catering, in order to reveal the real situation of labor development in some domestic industries

zero salary for small workers is a thing of the past

Zhang Hua, the decoration foreman from Jiangsu, came to Beijing for decoration five years. Now he has taken root in Beijing and witnessed the whole process of labor cost fluctuation in the decoration industry in recent years

the Wang brothers, who worked as bricklayers under Zhang Hua, have been in Beijing for five years. When he first arrived in Beijing, Wang Qiang was a bricklayer's "big worker", and he had to settle his income separately every day. Wang Jian was just a "small worker", and his internship for half a year was zero salary. Until half a year later, Wang Jian became a "big worker", and the decoration company paid them 180 to 200 yuan a day

"after our brothers went to Beijing to do decoration in 2008, their wages will be increased every year. If we say that the fastest rise is in the recent twoorthree years." Wang Qiang said that in 2012, the two brothers could earn 400 yuan a day. By this year, the two brothers' one-day income will reach between 580 yuan and 600 yuan. Especially in the peak season of decoration, they had almost no rest in September. At the end of the month, the two brothers calculated that the income of the month was 18000 yuan, which was really more than that of ordinary white-collar workers in the city

from less than 100 yuan per capita daily salary to about 300 yuan, their income has tripled in less than five years

Both Zhang Hua and Wang brothers clearly remember that the turning point of wage rise in the decoration industry occurred in the second half of 2010. Since then, Beijing has implemented the purchase restriction policy in the property market

the purchase restriction in the real estate market led to a decline in housing transaction volume, which in turn affected the home decoration market. When there was a situation of "too many monks and too few soldiers" in the decoration market. The labor cost of decoration should also be reduced, but why would the result be the opposite

Zhang Hua said that there was little decoration work, and many decoration workers from all over the world quickly evacuated Beijing. As a result, within half a year after the implementation of the purchase restriction policy, the already competitive decoration market quickly changed from labor supply exceeding demand to supply exceeding demand, and labor costs thus entered a fast rising channel

"since 2010, only the decoration workers' wages have increased by nearly 50% every year." Zhang Hua said that under this trend, the positions of decoration companies, foremen and decoration workers have also undergone subtle changes. Nowadays, the title of "10000 yuan household" has been robbed by the bricklayer with the highest salary, and Zhang Hua can only leave thousands of yuan. According to Beijing Daily




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