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The peak decoration season is coming in the blink of an eye, and the owners preparing for spring decoration are not idle. For them, it is the first priority to take advantage of the space before warming up to finalize the design. Unlike in the past, now people are no longer limited to offline consulting decoration companies, but can click the mouse to find the design online. There are thousands of design companies or individuals, and a large number of interior design renderings, which are divided into different categories. Compared with the heavy traffic of finding decoration companies, online platforms are obviously more convenient for consumers to choose. Xiao Shao worked in an advertising company. He bought a two bedroom apartment in Yanjiao years ago and was going to use it as a wedding room. It was said that the design decided the quality of the decoration, but because of his busy work, Xiao Shao was running around looking for a decoration company, so he decided to look online first. Xiao Shao was dazzled by this finding. Dozens of decoration styles such as modern simplicity, Mediterranean, European and Chinese can be found, even more than a dozen decoration designs with themes such as Hello Kitty. Xiao Shao's girlfriend preferred blue, so he finally decided to work only on the Mediterranean style. Every row is like a mountain. In Xiao Shao's view, all the decoration renderings are very good. Therefore, I can't decide which one to choose after looking over and over for a day. In the layman's view, tens of thousands of decoration renderings may just be dazzling and can't be selected, but in the expert's view, the reason why consumers are difficult to choose is that the image homogenization is too serious. According to Zhao Qiang (a pseudonym), a senior designer in the industry who was not able to be named, 60% of the decoration effect drawings displayed by online sellers are twins or multiple births, and most of them come from professional drawing companies. According to the market price, a realistic decoration effect drawing at present, according to its complexity, the production cost is 200— Between 500 yuan. Zhao Qiang told reporters that he has been working in this industry for 10 years. From the original designer design director to the current design department manager, he has contacted countless consumers. 80% of them didn't have much concept of decoration at first, so they would first look at the decoration effect drawing and then tell the designer what style they want. But in fact, the renderings are just for everyone to watch and feel. It is the floor plan that plays a decisive role in the quality of the decoration! Zhao Qiang explained that, for example, the disassembly and assembly of houses, the reasonable layout of functional areas, the design of storage functions, and even the reconstruction of water and electricity are all reflected in the plan, while the effect drawing is only a facade, which is relatively simple. As we all know, the first step of design is to measure the room on site, but some online interior designs do not provide this service. They only need consumers to provide house type drawings and on-site photos to work out the design scheme. But this seems extremely risky to Zhao Qiang. Zhao Qiang said that the house type map can only provide big data of the housing structure, such as the width and height of the wall centerline, and these data are not necessarily accurate enough. If you design according to this, there are hidden dangers to the construction and decoration results. You know, the designer's on-site room measurement is indispensable because the decoration requires a lot of small data, such as the distance from the window to the ground, the width of the turn, etc. Zhao Qiang said that he had encountered the case of using the house type to draw the design, and the TV wall and sofa were actually misplaced. In addition, face-to-face communication with the owner can help designers understand the living habits and preferences of the owner and his family. In this way, no matter in the height design of the cabinet, or in the layout of the functional area and the delimitation of the storage space, it can more meet the actual needs of customers. ◆ reasonably design the layout of saving money &mdash& mdash; Fully and reasonably plan the structure, maximize the use of space, and use one square meter more, which also saves the purchase cost of houses

positioning &mdash& mdash; Don't be extravagant, just meet your actual needs. Generally, the decoration cycle is about 10 years, so as to avoid unnecessary waste. Design &mdash& mdash; Choose furniture in advance and set theme style to avoid buying main materials or accessories by mistake

material selection &mdash& mdash; Avoid pursuing new products, choose more classic materials, and avoid inflated prices. Skillfully use corner lines to block &mdash& mdash; Avoid the top corner is not straight, save the construction cost, and the internal and external corners are straight, which can not only require flatness, but also reduce the cost

choose and use ceramic tiles skillfully &mdash& mdash; Avoid over specification material selection, avoid irregular pavement, pave reasonably, and lower the standard for concealed parts. Reasonably reduce the construction quantity &mdash& mdash; Customize the shielding part of furniture

make rational use of original resources &mdash& mdash; The original weak current socket panel can be reused





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