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Recently, Taiwan polymerization, Asia polymerization and Formosa Plastics, the three major polyethylene manufacturers in Taiwan, have shown signs that the high-strength bolt axial force and torque composite intelligent detector has been gradually withdrawn in the face of recent orders. In addition, the ethylene supply price of CNPC in May is tentatively reduced to 415 US dollars/ton. At present, the output is being increased one after another; Taiju has reactivated an HDPE production line with a daily output of 400 tons, while the LDPE and HDPE production lines that were previously shut down for annual maintenance in Yaju and Formosa Plastics Forest Park plant have raised the full load level

impacted by the SARS epidemic in Asia, the market prices of various ethylene derivatives fell sharply and the trading was light, which made all the production plants in the island fall into the dilemma of reducing production. However, different from the operation strategies of SM, VCM and eg manufacturers, PE production plants have started to increase production at the same time

Taiju and Yaju pointed out that although the spot market has not rebounded significantly, the number of orders from the beginning of May to the present has about doubled compared with the same period in April, indicating that there is a sign of market buying back. In addition, the ethylene supply price (provisional price) of PetroChina to PE plant in May has been significantly reduced from $480/ton last month to $415/ton, gradually narrowing the gap with the spot price, which is conducive to reducing production costs, Therefore, the shutdown line is being reactivated

in terms of Taiju, in addition to the normal operation of the three LDPE production lines, a 400 ton HDPE production line with a daily output of nearly one month was officially re imported and transported yesterday. According to the production experience of the industry, it is now stepping up to increase the output

in terms of subpolymer, one LDPE production line was suspended for maintenance due to poor market conditions, but now the production line has been restarted and synchronized with the other two production lines to full load operation

in addition, the Linyuan PE plant of Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. cooperated with the shutdown of the No. 4 light industry group of PetroChina. Last month, it stopped production of a 170 ton HDPE production line. However, it is also running at full capacity

the above-mentioned enterprises also believe that the market has "dawned". Since their products have no storage tank saturation problem, they can use Taichung oil ethylene to store more inventory when it is at a low level. As long as the market rebounds, they can take the opportunity to improve profits

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