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Three barrels of oil collectively stated that they would spare no effort to guarantee the supply of LNG and promised not to increase the price of LNG in the heating season

the data showed that since the heating season, the LNG price in East China has been relatively flat and stable in the next few weeks, but the price has risen in the recent week. On January 8, the LNG price in Shandong increased by 50 yuan/ton to 5725 yuan/ton; LNG price in Jiangsu increased by 125 yuan/ton to 5900 yuan/ton

the securities learned that on January 9, three barrels of oil collectively stated that they would spare no effort to guarantee supply and promised to stabilize the LNG market price

as the main force of "winter supply", the four main gas fields of PetroChina are fully open

PetroChina also said: "this winter, PetroChina has never slackened on the issue of supply guarantee. We believe that no winter is insurmountable." In addition, PetroChina also promised to actively stabilize the LNG price. In this heating season, the company will speed up the sales of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the green transformation of the industry. The price will not exceed the previous maximum price, so as to maintain the normal order of the natural gas market

meanwhile, Sinopec natural gas branch promises that the ex factory price of liquid LNG at Tianjin LNG terminal and Qingdao LNG terminal in this heating season will not exceed the maximum ex factory price in December 2018

the securities also learned that on January 9, China National Offshore Oil Corporation issued the proposal on stabilizing the LNG market price, saying that China National Offshore Oil Corporation is the most important LNG supplier in China and has always been responsible for promoting the long-term development and health of China's natural gas market. In order to prevent the abnormal fluctuation of LNG price and ensure the stability and order of the market, CNOOC will try its best to increase the LNG market supply, and promises to conduct the experiment again in 2019. The LNG market sales price from January to March will not exceed the maximum price in the early stage of this heating season

it is worth noting that at present, the underground gas storage and LNG storage tanks of the three major oil companies can produce about 9billion cubic meters of gas, and a large number of LNG resources are arriving in Hong Kong one after another. The successful trial production of combustible ice in the South China Sea by lanjing-1, the world's first ultra deep-water double derrick semi submersible platform, provides sufficient room for resource regulation and control, and is ready and able to ensure the subsequent stable supply of natural gas

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