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Three national metrological inspection institutions have settled in Hunan Province. On September 25, Hunan Province, three National Metrological Inspection and testing institutions, including the national coal, oil and gas product quality supervision and testing center, the national metrological instrument type evaluation laboratory, and the mechanical industry laboratory instrument and equipment construction steel deep processing base quality inspection center, have settled in Hunan Institute of Metrology and testing. This marks a new stage for the metrology and testing industry in our province. Longguojian, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC, unveiled the above three institutions

it is reported that the national coal, oil and natural gas product quality supervision and testing center focuses on providing test platforms and quality assurance for the production and R & D of coal, oil, natural gas and other energy analysis instruments and related products; Undertake the quality inspection tasks of various national coal, oil and natural gas analytical instruments and related products, and the test verification of relevant national standards. It is the most ideal sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment for metal low-temperature impact test, as well as the formulation and revision. The National Laboratory for type evaluation of measuring instruments focuses on the type evaluation of electric energy meters, water meters, gas meters, weighing instruments and other measuring instruments related to people's livelihood. The instrument and equipment product quality inspection center of the mechanical industry laboratory focuses on the inspection of 18 instrument products in 5 categories nationwide. The common inspection items are: static bending strength, bending modulus of elasticity, internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength and screw grip strength

as the "leader" of the provincial metrological technical institutions, since its establishment in 1949, the Provincial Institute of Metrology and testing has developed from a single "long, heat, power and electricity" metrological verification institution in the past to a comprehensive metrological technical institution integrating inspection, learning and research, covering 10 major metrological professional fields. It has established and preserved more than 160 provincial highest public measurement standards covering length, temperature, time and frequency, ionizing radiation, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. this rule can avoid unnecessary change of domain, and can carry out verification, calibration or testing services for nearly 700 items; It can undertake the inspection of more than 70 kinds of measuring instruments and more than 10 kinds of high-tech products

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