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Recently, the modified bamboo pulp viscose staple fiber product of Tangshan Sanyou group was listed in the 2011 national key new product plan by the Ministry of science and technology

modified bamboo steel pipe and forged steel slurry viscose staple fiber products have strong innovation, high technical content, and the waste can be naturally degraded, so they have a good market prospect. The product takes bamboo pulp as raw material and can replace all kinds of cotton, wood pulp and viscose staple fiber products. Up to now, Sanyou group has successfully developed many high-end products, such as modal fiber, denatured bamboo pulp fiber, clean high whiteness fiber, flame retardant fiber, color fiber, etc. At the same time, the group also drafted and formulated two industry standards, namely, colored viscose staple fiber and clean high whiteness viscose staple fiber

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