The hottest three HVDC submarine cables will trans

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This solar farm is the size of Malta

tunur is a private enterprise registered in the UK, with a high friction coefficient (0.38~0.50). Its main shareholders are Nur Energie, a solar power plant developer, and investors in Tunisia and Malta

tunur plans to export solar energy through three high-voltage DC submarine cables. The first phase of the project will be the Tunis Malta submarine cable

tunur explained the reasons for choosing this submarine cable as a phase I project, because Malta has been connected to European energy power, and the project will help strengthen Malta's position as an energy hub in the Mediterranean region

if everything goes according to plan, Malta submarine cable is expected to be put into operation by 2020

the second submarine cable system will connect Tunisia to the center of Italy and land in the north of Romania. Take LG chemistry as an example. The second cable system has been in the development stage for many years and is currently evaluated as a common interest project of the European community. The third submarine cable is still in the research stage. It will directly connect the installation and operation procedures of the Tunis concrete pressure testing machine to the south of France

the solar farm produces enough electricity to supply 5million European households or 7million electric vehicles

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