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Three German industrial associations set up "the fourth industrial revolution platform"

three German industrial associations set up "the fourth industrial revolution platform"

information on China's construction machinery The high-level decision of the German machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association (VDMA) and the German electrical and Electronics Industry Association (ZVEI) (hereinafter referred to as the three associations) that the three associations will jointly establish a "fourth industrial revolution"

the top management of the three major German industrial associations - bitkom, VDMA and ZVEI (hereinafter referred to as the three associations), decided that the three associations would jointly establish an office called "the fourth industrial revolution platform", which will be officially launched in April and located in Frankfurt (Frankfurt on the Rhine). They will also establish a unified station. This one action of the three associations aims to promote the development of the high-tech strategy "future project: the fourth industrial revolution" launched by the federal government in anticipation of President Xi Jinping's visit or touching on the content of energy high-tech cooperation, and consolidate Germany's position as an industrial power. Its main objectives are to promote industrial development, improve industrial production standards, develop new business models and operation models and put them into practice. The three associations believe that the "Fourth Industrial Revolution project" is of great significance to enhance the competitiveness of German industry. After the "fourth industrial revolution", industrial production will be linked and cross the boundaries of types of work

Professor Dieter KEM, President of the German Association for information technology, communication and new media (bitkom), aims to develop graphene based RF circuits with ultra-high speed and ultra-low energy utilization, said: "the industrial field is facing a complete revolution, which is triggered by interconnection." Creating value chain has become creating value. Under the background of the fourth industrial revolution, telecommunication technology, automation technology and production technology are closely linked

"the fourth industrial revolution project" will also consolidate Germany's position as an old industrial power and improve the development level of German industry. Dr. Thomas Lindner, President of VDMA, said: "Germany is fully qualified to play a leading role in the fourth industrial revolution: we are outstanding in the development and application of manufacturing, automation and information technology, and have a long-standing industrial network."

friedhelm LOH, President of the German Federation of electrical and electronics industries (ZVEI), said: "we should make full use of Germany's leading edge in software intensive industries, so as to take the lead in the future IOT and industrial services. Our three associations will work together to make Germany a leader in the field of innovative production technologies based on interconnection."

since last year, experts from the fields of economics and science have been collecting suggestions on how Germany should meet the fourth industrial revolution and become the winner of this revolution. The Office jointly established by the three associations will continue to study the "Fourth Industrial Revolution project". At the Hannover industrial exhibition in April this year, experts will summarize their suggestions and finally submit them to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

the three associations have persuaded many German industrial enterprises to join the "Fourth Industrial Revolution project". The office of "the fourth industrial revolution platform" will be composed of a steering committee, an economic guidance department and several thematic working groups. The three associations sincerely invite all major federations and organizations to join the theme working group. The steering committee will be composed of enterprise members of the three associations. Rainer Glatz, head of the office of the "platform for the fourth industrial revolution" of the German machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association (VDMA), said: "our goal is to become the core organization of the fourth industrial revolution and attract and coordinate all resources involved in this revolution, based on the fact that we do not encounter the lifting of the moving beam."

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