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China's three artificial moons are expected to replace the City streetlights in 2020! Recently, according to relevant reports, the principle of switching back does not apply to the following situations: China's three artificial moons are planned to take off in 2022. It is reported that the brightness of the artificial moon can reach 8 times that of the moonlight, which is expected to replace street lamps. So what is the principle of the artificial moon? Will the man-made moon cause light pollution, thus affecting biological work and rest

the "artificial moon" is actually a super space reflector

the idea of "artificial moon" originated from a French artist: hang a necklace made of mirrors over the earth, so that they can reflect the sun to the streets all year round. Both the United States and Russia have made in-depth exploration of the "artificial moon", hoping to bring convenience to human night activities and even realize military application

the artificial moon or the electrical device that will replace the urban tensile testing machine is the street lamp in the dynamometer.

Russia is located in the high latitude region. Due to the short sunshine time, it once made significant progress in lighting projects such as "artificial moon". In 1999, Russia tried to use a special mirror to reflect sunlight from space to shine on the ground. However, the plan was shelved because the mirror failed to unfold

"in fact, Russia has done a relatively complete demonstration and verification before. Its basic principles are mature. It has also done experiments in the space station, but it has not reached the stage of large space mirrors. Our current core technology and engineering basic materials have a high degree of maturity, and we are ready to carry out the development conditions for the system demonstration and verification stage." Wuchunfeng, director of the Tianfu new area scientific research association, said that some key technologies of the "artificial moon" lighting project belong to common technologies, which have been previously carried out by scientific research institutions and. Among them, the Tianfu System Science Research Association is responsible for the complete system demonstration of the leading project, the collaborative demonstration of Harbin Institute of technology, University of science and technology, Institute of Microelectronics Systems of science and technology, Huirong Guoke Microsystem Technology Co., Ltd., and more than 20 domestic experts and engineering experts of relevant disciplines have jointly carried out the scheme demonstration and preliminary design of the "artificial moon" lighting project

in the deep space orbit 380000 kilometers away from the earth, the moon with a diameter of 3476 kilometers is running. When it reaches the full moon, it can radiate light to most parts of the earth. The future "artificial moon" is expected to be deployed in a low earth orbit within 500 kilometers, and the loss of light intensity is much smaller than 380000 kilometers

Wu Chunfeng said that the accurate expression of "artificial moon" in China is an artificial space lighting satellite with a large space mirror. It is estimated that its maximum illumination intensity will be 8 times that of the current moonlight. He said that according to relevant R & D plans, after the "artificial moon" has completed the overall verification from launch, orbit entry, deployment, lighting to regulation in 2020, three "artificial moons" will be launched from one of China's three major satellite launch bases in 2022. "At that time, the three huge mirrors will be equally divided into 360 degree orbital planes. The three 'moons' can operate alternately to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted exposure to the same area, and the reflected sunlight can cover 3600 to 6400 square kilometers of the earth's surface."

does light pollution affect biological work and rest? Don't worry

some scientists once said that the level of energy demanded from the galaxy is an important indicator to judge the development of human civilization, and the deep use of solar energy is a necessary way for human development. At present, the human use of solar energy is basically to convert solar energy into electric energy, but such conversion efficiency is not high

"at present, China, Russia, the United States, Japan, etc. are all carrying out technical research and verification of space energy application projects. Everyone has the idea of a mirror. The real one who can take the lead in realizing space utilization as soon as possible also needs down-to-earth scientific research and exploration of commercial application models." Wuchunfeng said

Wu Chunfeng said that the light intensity and lighting duration of the "artificial moon" can be adjusted, and the lighting accuracy can also be controlled within tens of meters. Although the "artificial moon" is 8 times brighter than the moonlight, considering the influence of atmospheric movement and other factors, the actual illumination in the work area is roughly equivalent to the dusk in summer. At that time, the illuminance of "artificial moon" that people can feel will be about one fifth of that of road lights. Moreover, it can achieve "where to play" and "brightness can be adjusted", so there is no need to worry about the problem of "biological clock disorder". During the operation of the "man-made moon", when people look up at the night sky, they will only see an extraordinarily bright star, rather than the full moon in our imagination

in the civil field, the "artificial moon" makes full use of the sun's light and complements the street lamp lighting at night. The largest electronic universal testing machine in China, such as ordinary steel, has an experimental force of 600kN and a level of 0.5, saving a lot of infrastructure power consumption. In winter with short sunshine, the "artificial moon" provides lighting, which can play a role in appropriately prolonging the advance and dusk

the news that the artificial moon may replace the city street lights in the future has also aroused heated discussion among many friends. Relevant experts said that the artificial moon plays a significant role in the field and can save a large amount of electricity expenses every year. Can this idea become a reality? Let's wait and see

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