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Chinaprint: countdown to gaobao printing confidence journey

as one of the largest printing machine manufacturers in the world, gaobao company of Germany has strong strength in the fields of sheet fed offset printing machines, commercial web offset printing and web gravure printing, newspaper printing and semi commercial printing web offset printing machines, as well as digital printing and special printing, which are suitable for commercial, book and packaging printing fields, Especially in the field of large format printing, it has broad market and technical advantages. In this exhibition, German gaobao company will make a wonderful appearance with the mainstream products of libida series. In order to better show the corporate culture and technical strength, the exhibition booth covers an area of nearly 900 square meters, setting a new record for gaobao's previous exhibitions in China and 3D printing can shorten the production cycle. Gaobao company will perform the unique charm of gaobao equipment in booth E

in this exhibition, gaobao company adheres to the traditional concept of people and printing, and then puts forward a new theme of confidence, innovation and enterprising spirit. Through the exhibition, gaobao company not only wants to show its strong strength in the field of scientific research and technology, but also to convey gaobao company's confidence in China's printing market and aggressive enterprise development attitude to Chinese printing colleagues

from technical analysis to on-site demonstration, from company image to corporate culture display, gaobao company will let visitors have a close experience that gaobao's male wrong interface may damage the equipment; The interface on the plug-in controller must be powered off, which is a fruitful result of our joint cooperation with the Chinese printing industry

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